Study: Dispop Trumps Google Display Advertising in Side-By-Side Comparison

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Dec 11, 2013 
Richard L. Tso  |

ADOTAS – Lest we forget, Google is an advertising company first and foremost, with a clear mission to dominate our online experience. Since first launching its search advertising platform AdWords back in 2000, Google has built an empire based on bringing a brand’s message to the masses online.

But what was once an advertiser’s only option has quickly been replaced with ad exchanges and ad networks all vying for a brand’s budget. Google responded with providing online display capabilities for those already using its search marketing product, but has the company focused too much on achieving scale rather than enabling advertisers to create ads that work?

One company named Dispop thinks so. The online ad buying and creation company based in New York and Tel Aviv wanted to examine Google’s template-focused approach to ad creation and compare it with its own customized method for creating ad creatives, and measure its impact on campaign performance. Preliminary findings from this side-by-side comparison study reveal that custom ads created through Dispop’s self-serve ad creating and buying platform resulted in double the click-through rate and 80 percent more conversions over Google ads.

“We specifically wanted to test how the creative aspect can affect campaign performance, comparing Google’s approach with Dispop’s elegance in design and ad buying,” said Ayal Ebert (pictured), CEO and founder of Dispop. “Google’s templatized philosophy to ad creation significantly hinders campaign success and lowers the quality of how a brand is perceived online and our results clearly support this claim.”

Findings from the campaign comparison include:

Dispop Results

  • Impressions: 250K.
  • CTR: 0.15%.
  • Conversions: 18.

Google Results

  • Impressions: 250K.
  • CTR: 0.07%.
  • Conversions: 10.

The study was based on 250K impressions for both campaigns, one running a custom creative on the Dispop platform and the other utilizing a Google template creative on the Google ad network. For both campaigns, the ads ran on sites under the categories Weight Loss and Health News targeting people interested in Beauty and Fitness between the ages of 25-54.

In October, Dispop announced the launch of its comprehensive self-serve ad creation and delivery platform for online banner campaigns, specifically catered to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market. This move by Dispop is in response to customer feedback for a centralized and streamlined process to manage multiple display campaigns on the web and Facebook including direct targeting and retargeting initiatives. The company secured $600K in seed funding from Inimiti Capital Partners earlier this year.

Richard L. Tso is a reporter for Adotas and an avid writer covering the intersection of technology and advertising, fashion and music. With over 12 years of experience in the Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations industries, Richard has held executive positions at global agencies and technology companies and is founder of the interactive communications firm Pseudosound Consulting LLC. A classical cellist and painter, he believes that sometimes sound carries more weight than words. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

Reader Comments.

Very interesting data. All respect due to Google for having built and scaled tools for SEM & display advertisers, but it’s great to see others innovate and win.

CTR does make a huge difference in display, as does source of inventory. Retargeting CTRs, conversion rates and performance on Facebook’s ad exchange (FBX) is still the best on the market, and as Triggit’s FBX performance benchmark shows, performance varies widely:

Posted by Chris Zaharias | 4:08 pm on December 11, 2013.

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