New Whitepaper Analyzes Facebook Ads Performance for 2014


ADOTAS — Marin Software has issued a new whitepaper, “The Definitive Facebook Advertising Playbook: Four Key Trends You Need to Know.” Among its key findings:

  • News Feed has become the primary area of focus and engagement for users, creating bright opportunities for advertisers. Marin saw a 140% QoQ increase in News Feed advertising in Q3 2013 with 67% lower costs per conversion compared to right-hand side ad placements.
  • Mobile adoption among Facebook users skyrocketed in 2013 with 74% of Facebook users now accessing the platform through their mobile devices. This increase in mobile adoption, combined with attractive click-through rates via mobile advertising, has changed the way advertisers manage their campaigns.
  • Facebook Users Are More Likely to Buy from Brands They’ve Previously Engaged With. Of all the changes Facebook introduced to their advertising capabilities, perhaps none was more important than Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences makes it possible for most advertisers with a customer list to retarget. Retargeting customers through Custom Audiences has already proven to be the most cost effective targeting option, producing costs per conversion that are 64% lower than targeting by Broad Categories or Precise Interests according to Marin Software data.
  • Facebook Users Are More Likely to Engage With “Fresh” Creatives. As Facebook advertising has become increasingly competitive, the company has become strict on showing ads with the highest click-through rates (CTR). To maintain “fresh” creatives and prevent overexposing users to the same ads, Marin has seen a substantial increase in advertisers using creative rotation strategies. On average, advertisers working with Marin using creative rotation strategies have produced 35% higher CTR than those not using creative rotation, demonstrating that users prefer and are more likely to engage with fresh creatives.

To download the paper, click here.


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