New Searchmetrics Solution Restores Keyword ‘Not Provided’ Data Taken Away by Google


NEW YORK, December 9, 2013 (ADOTAS) — Searchmetrics has introduced the only working search analytics solution to fill the knowledge gap created by Google’s expansion of secure search which has left digital marketers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals unable to track which keywords are driving traffic to individual web pages from organic searches.

The company’s new Traffic Insight feature provides an analysis of the top keywords that drive traffic to specific landing pages, including the specific traffic (Traffic Impact) data for each of those keywords.

“Website owners, and their digital marketing and SEO professionals have struggled in the wake of the keyword data ‘not provided’ challenge created by Google’s expansion of secure search,” explained Marcus Tober (pictured), CTO and Founder of Searchmetrics.  “Knowing which keywords drive your organic traffic gives you essential insights about the main reasons why people might be visiting specific web pages and in what numbers.  It lets you plan meaningful SEO and digital marketing strategies based around prioritizing keywords and optimizing web content to better drive traffic and conversions.”

The new Traffic Insight feature is available within the Searchmetrics Suite, digital marketing platform.  To estimate the traffic that individual keywords are bringing to a URL, the software runs advanced mathematical calculations using data from a number of sources.  This includes

  • A list of the top ranking keywords for any URL. These are aggregated from several sources: Firstly, the keywords that are analyzed within Searchmetrics’ unique, continually update cloud database of search engine results data (includes the search results of  240m keywords);  and secondly, the 100 highest ranking keywords for any URL which Google Web master tools continues to make available to web masters.
  • Where URLs rank in searches for individual keywords (via Searchmetrics’ database).
  • Search volume data for individual keywords.
  • Data from advanced click-through modeling – which helps Searchmetrics develop a sophisticated understanding of the distribution of click-throughs for URLs according to where they are positioned within search engine results pages.
  • Website analytics data.

“We combine a variety of data and perform some sophisticated ‘reverse engineering’ calculations so that we can work backwards to give back much of the hidden keyword data that Google has taken away. No one else is currently able to offer this type of solution that hands keyword search insights back to SEOs, digital marketers and website owners,” said Tober.

Tom Schuster, Searchmetrics’ CEO, said: “The introduction of Traffic Insight is an indication of Searchmetrics’ goal of being the world’s most complete provider of data and tools to help businesses succeed in digital marketing. We recognized that the loss of keyword data was a huge challenge for digital marketers and search professionals and made it a priority to come up with a real solution, rather than just marketing hype.  A key reason why we’re the first to do this, is the investment in time and resources we’ve made in maintaining the unique database of global search engine data which powers our software platform, and our commitment to accurate data and recommendations.”

More information about Searchmetrics’ Traffic Insight feature can be found at

In addition to Traffic Insight, Searchmetrics has introduced a number of other new features in the Searchmetrics online marketing platform:

More information on these can be found at:

About Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is the pioneer and leading global provider of digital marketing software and services. It operates the Searchmetrics SuiteTM, an innovative, interactive online marketing platform for companies and online agencies. With its “Analyze ‒ Optimize ‒ Succeed” philosophy for online marketing, the company offers a holistic consulting approach to helping companies and online agencies develop and execute intelligent, long term digital marketing strategies.

The company’s flagship Searchmetrics SuiteTM platform helps customers to define their individual business goals ‒ such as increased ROI ‒ and achieve them by delivering customized insights, forecasts, and

recommendations. It provides detailed analysis and data in SEO, social media and mobile to create a solid foundation for cross-channel digital marketing campaigns. The Searchmetrics SuiteTM allows users to shape the own online visibility and differentiate themselves from, potential competitors. Through individually scalable
traffic and revenue forecasts and simulations, customers can identify how and where they need to develop their online presence, take appropriate action and track their performance against their goals.

The company has offices in Berlin, London, Paris and New York and operates its SaaS software through a network of partners and an online shop. The fast-growing company currently has more than 100 employees. It is backed by the renowned venture capitalist companies Neuhaus Partners and Iris Capital. Many respected brands, such as T-Online, eBay, Siemens and TUI rely on Searchmetrics to ensure they have excellent visibility through intelligent online marketing strategies.


  1. The crucial part of this article is where it says ‘To estimate the traffic that individual keywords are bringing to a URL’

    ‘ESTIMATE’ – i.e. it gives an idea of the missing data (and maybe a good idea) but doesn’t fully do what this article headline implies ‘New Searchmetrics Solution Restores Keyword ‘Not Provided’ Data Taken Away By Google’ for that you need to pay Google A LOT (and I mean A LOT) to upgrade Google Analytics.

  2. @Matt_Peskett – Agreed. I think if they indulge us more as to what their ‘sophisticated’ algorithm involves that would be better. We’ve hacked together a tool that may be comparable to them @ would love to hear your opinions and suggestions to improve. It’s free at the moment despite there being pricing tables.

    Also, I think previous alternatives to keyword research like SMrush and ravtools are still great.


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