New Adchemy Software Puts Multiplier Effect On Keyword Search Campaign Revenue


SEARCH INSIDER SUMMIT, PARK CITY, Utah, December 10, 2013 (ADOTAS) — Adchemy®, provider of cloud-based software that radically simplifies ecommerce growth, today announced a new SaaS solution for marketers to simplify keyword campaigns and scale paid search revenue by up to 40 to 60 percent. The solution is powered by the Adchemy IntentGraph, a comprehensive semantic graph containing over 25 million products, their attributes and associated consumer intents.

Paid search is a $20 billion industry that produces over one-third of all search-engine traffic to ecommerce websites. Despite the size of the industry, search engine marketers rely on outdated, highly manual processes that are complicated and time consuming. For example, rather than organize paid search campaigns around shoppers’ underlying intent, marketers are forced to design campaigns around thousands of keywords. This makes it impossible to deliver useful ads that are synchronized with ever-evolving product inventories.

Adchemy Software enables marketers to streamline and strengthen their search campaigns and increase market share by automatically transforming their product feed or catalog into a keyword campaign. This makes day-to-day campaign management and performance monitoring much more intuitive by using the marketer’s business language – their departments, categories and products  –  to organize campaigns that understand shopper intent.

“In an era of SaaS technology, keyword campaign management has been dominated by extremely time consuming manual inputs,” said Murthy Nukala (pictured), CEO, Adchemy. “With this announcement, Adchemy is ushering in a new era of vastly simplified and scalable keyword campaigns that produce highly relevant and engaging advertisements. Time previously dedicated to managing thousands of keywords can now be spent extracting and acting on search-data insights that add value across the organization.”

Adchemy Software:  Features and Benefits

Adchemy Software is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows marketing teams to deploy and manage large-scale keyword campaigns, automate bid management, enhance keyword ad relevance and streamline campaign performance monitoring. What was once a managed service is now software the marketers fully control. Adchemy Software offers the following capabilities:

  • Keyword campaigns from product data: transforms a marketer’s product data into keyword campaigns that contain an in-depth set of traffic-generating keywords, tightly-themed ad groups, and highly relevant ads, resulting in more consumer reach and better campaign conversion with a fraction of the effort.
  • Insights and recommendations: provides daily feedback and reports that reduce the amount of time search marketers need to spend on analysis.
  • Intuitive management and performance monitoring: uses the marketer’s departments, categories and products to organize keyword campaigns that are more intuitive.
  • Advanced bid/budget management: enables marketers to manage CPC bids and budgets in a highly integrated and automated manner, leveraging the Adchemy IntentGraph to borrow data across keywords with similar consumer intent. As a result, bids and spend are shifted to high performing assets and lowered for bleeders in a fast, effortless process.

Adchemy Software is currently available for Bing Ads and Google Product Listing Ads. For select Internet Retailer 500 businesses, license fees for use of Adchemy Software on Bing Ads will be subsidized.


About Adchemy®

Adchemy helps leading brands scale ecommerce revenue with easy-to-use, cloud-based software that radically simplifies the management and optimization of their merchandising data and delivers unbelievably useful ads. Adchemy clients experience an improvement of up to 40 to 60 percent more revenue while maintaining or exceeding their target return on ad spend. For more information, please visit


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