LiveRail Touts $100 Million Run Rate, Preps for IPO in 2014


ADOTAS — The demand for programmatic advertising has exploded, with companies like YuMe, Criteo and Rocket Fuel going public within the last year. Today video advertising startup LiveRail released revenue highlights as it too preps for its IPO in late 2014, revealing that it has experienced a year-over-year revenue increase of 300 percent. According to TechCrunch, who broke the news, LiveRail is on track for a $100 million run-rate in Q4 2013 and is getting ready for a potential IPO next year.

“Our position in the marketplace is a direct result of our investment in technology, superior service and market-leading insight into the needs publishers,” said Mark Trefgarne (pictured), Co-Founder and CEO, LiveRail. “By providing superior solutions for publishers we’ve aggregated the world’s largest pool of premium video inventory and helped connect these publishers to the ecosystem of programmatic buyers.”

The company was founded in 2008 as a way to introduce real-time-bidding technologies for publishers and advertisers, automating the matching of online ad buyers and sellers. Programmatic ad technologies allow for the optimization of publisher inventory with the highest bidders for their content and gives brands and agencies the ability to effectively target and reach consumers in real-time.

As TechCrunch reported, “With the market for programmatic ad buying expanding, the mostly quiet San Francisco-based startup is hoping to get the word out about its growth. One of the reasons LiveRail is now making revenue numbers public is that it would like to differentiate itself from some other video ad companies which IPO’d this year. Both Tremor Video and YuMe became publicly traded over the summer, but neither one has had tremendous success since then.”

Third-quarter revenues from YuMe demonstrate significant recovery but its stock price is still down from the $9.00 listing price of its IPO. Tremor Video hasn’t been as fortunate with its stock price tumbling down almost 50 percent after the company released its Q3 revenue numbers.

“Media buyers have quickly realized the benefits of programmatic buying for online display — such as cost efficiencies, reduced ad waste, transparency and control — and are looking to apply the same strategies to their online video ad campaign planning and buying,” said Heather Way, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “This is evident in LiveRail’s impressive year-over-year growth.”

LiveRail’s $100 million run-rate is certainly nothing to scoff at, especially when compared to public companies like YuMe whose full-year revenues are expected to fall between $154.5 million and $1.57 million.


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