Adknowledge CPM Email Advertising Showing ‘Google-Like’ Results


KANSAS CITY, Mo., December 16, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Adknowledge’s email channel, AdStation, has announced CPM-based pricing for email advertisers and it looks like it’s really worth taking a look at.  Highly targeted to specific audience segments, AdStation mailings are thus far generating ROI beyond that of paid search, including Google!

Check it out here.

According to Adknowledge advertising partner 3 Day Blinds, AdStation is now able to bring advertisers a higher ROI than traditionally thought possible.

“We couldn’t believe the results,” said 3 Day Blinds Director of Marketing Adele Nasr.  “We scheduled over 700 qualified appointments in the first three months, which showed a nine times higher ROI over alternative lead generation methods–including paid search!”

In preparation for the 3 Day Blinds CPM advertising campaign, AdStation was able to target more than six million individual users across the AdStation network. Those users shared precise demographic characteristics of existing 3 Day Blinds customers. The initial test across only a few states was immediately expanded to the entire United States.

“The results we’ve been seeing so far are tremendous,” said AdStation General Manager Matt Hoggatt. “Our broader reach, combined with our increased ability to target specific audience segments, have proven that we can garner better results for our advertisers than they can get anywhere else.”

If you’d like to learn more about AdStation’s CPM email advertising and/or request a copy of the 3 Day Blinds case study, click here.


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