5 New Video Ads You Should Watch Right Now


ADOTAS – In this week’s round-up we see a late contender for the coveted title of the most-shared Christmas ad, cats making surprisingly good music videos and Edward Norton winning a ferret playing Connect 4. Only in AdLand.


5. Poopy Cat

Just how do you promote a company which specialises in disposable kitty litter?

Let’s face it, herding cats sounds like an easier, more desirable option. So you really have to applaud Dutch firm Poopy Cats for coming up with one of the most striking ads of the year.

Now, I must tell you, once you have watched their new music video “If You Want My Purr Purr” it will be hard to erase that thought from your head. You have been warned.

After all, it’s not every day you get to see five cats dressed up to the nines pretending to be the now-defunct girl group, The Pussy Cat Dolls.

But then glamour-pusses Cleo, Diana, Jackie, Grace and Marilyn – a.k.a ‘The Poopy Cat Dolls’ – are not your average pop combo.

Sure, they may strut their stuff in front of the camera like any would-be Nicole Scherzingers, but, as The Poopy Cats’ website proudly boasts, they are “feline, furry and full of cattitude” (sorry).

The ad has certainly been clawing its way up the Unruly Viral Video Chart. Since its launch on December 3, it has racked up almost 13,000 shares from 90,000 views – which means one in every seven people who have watched it have been compelled to share it with their friends.

It’s hardly surprising it’s been so popular. As we all know, cats are an internet favourite and have had their furry paws around YouTube’s throat for some time now.

But you really have to give Poopy Cat, which currently only delivers across the Netherlands, a lot of credit for coming up with something thought almost impossible – doing something completely fresh and new with cats.

It not only has the cute factor, but thanks to some wonderful touches and editing, is almost certain to make you both giggle and gawp at the screen.

With more distribution budget behind it, we have no doubt it would have been one of the most shared ads of the month.

4. Verizon

From winning ferrets playing Connect 4 to singing karaoke, Edward Norton manages to cram a lot into just 48 hours in the latest commercial from Verizon.

Created to look almost like a scene from a movie, the Hollywood star certainly gets into a lot of scrapes along the way, including crashing a plane, being tied up by a Redneck psychopath and loving it up with a gangster’s moll.

But with his Droid Maxx sidekick smartphone by his side, he gets through most of the two days largely unscathed. Even when he is finally bagged and tagged in the morgue, like his phone’s battery, he keeps on going.

The purpose of the ad, of course, is to promote the Maxx’s 48-hour battery, showing just how much can be achieved in two short days.

And the commercial does a half-decent job. Norton, as always, is a brilliant lead and the ad manages to cram a lot into one-and-a-half exhilarating minutes.

The ad has also attracted more than 15,000 shares and 10.8 million views since it was launched.

3. adidas

Want to get close to 2014’s Brazilian World Cup action? Well, why not become the ball?

Striking back against arch-rivals Nike’s new Dare To Be Brasilian spot, adidas – an official sponsor, unlike Nike – started its own path to Rio this week with an introduction to one of the tournament’s key stars, the match ball.

It features a plethora of talent from Barcelona maestros Xavi Hernández and Lionel Messi, plus the wonderful Munich duo of Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger, as adidas tries to take the audience one step closer to the action by becoming the new match ball, the Brazuca.

Interlacing adrenaline-pumping match action and grass-roots samba skills with the Brazuca’s POV feels like a breath of fresh air, with Dani Alves’ cheeky cameo at the end an added bonus.

But the big question on everyone’s lips is, how will it fare against Nike?

Thanks to a strong opening week, it looks like the match is on, with “I Am Brazuca”gaining a respectable 50,000 shares since its launch. Though a way off Nike’s initial offering, it’s not a bad start.

In the run-up to the tournament, Nike may have the Brazilian team at its disposal, but who wouldn’t want Lionel Messi on their side?

It’s time to sit back and let the games begin!

2. Friskies

If ever you needed someone or something to spread a little Christmas cheer, Grumpy Cat would probably be last on the list.

Let’s face it, her permanent frown is enough to put anyone off their Christmas pudding. However, the internet sensation has teamed up with some other famous web cats in a new Christmas jingle for cat food company Friskies that is sure to put some tinsel on your tree.

Grumpy Cat appears alongside Oskar the Blind Cat, Nala Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, and Colonel Meow in the music video “Hard to Be a Cat at Christmas”.

It’s a catchy jingle and Grumpy Cat is always highly watchable. But just in case your boss catches you watching cat videos when you should be working, we have some good news – it’s all for a good cause (or should that be paws?).

You see the cat food company is giving away a can of wet cat food for every view the video gets (up to 500,000).

So watch away!

1. WestJet

Be careful what you wish for – your local airport Santa could be the real deal.

Now, we’ve all sat on Santa’s lap and gone through the motions. You ask for a Ferrari or a swimming pool, the middle-aged guy with brandy breath and a fake beard instead hands you a second hand toy.

But what if your wishes actually came true? How would you react to getting that 50 inch television you always wanted. Or that new camera you were saving up all year for? Or even that pair of comfortable socks you never got round to buying?

Well, thanks to Canadian airline WestJet (think EasyJet for Canadians), some airline travellers really did experience a true Christmas miracle.

Through a pop-up stand near the departures lounge, the low-cost carrier asked travelers what was on their Holiday wish list via a virtual Santa.

Not really believing anything would come of it, people asked for what they really wanted and then got on the plane.

However, behind the scenes, Westjet’s ‘elves‘ soon hit the stores, buying the items requested not only by Little Jimmy, but Mum and Dad too.

It meant after a 4-hour flight to Calgary, the jetsetters arrived at baggage claim to find the normally dreaded conveyor belt filled with individually wrapped presents, with their names on the tags!

Mind you, after watching all the families joyously unwrapping their new tablets, cameras or toys, you have to feel a little sympathy for the guy who got the underwear and socks he wanted before he knew Santa’s budget.

It’s a great spot and the internet is loving it, with nearly 1,500,000 shares in just 5 days! That equates to 1 in 12 viewers reaching for the share button, not bad for a relatively unknown Canadian airline.

This success also means the airline smashed the 200,000 view target it set itself – meaning free flights will be given to the less fortunate through the Ronald McDonald House charity.

So the only question left is where will the ad go from here? Will it beat Kmart to top the Holiday chart? Only time will tell.

— Scott Mitchell


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