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ADOTAS — AdLand went sports crazy this week, with the build-up to next year’s Winter Olympics and next summer’s World Cup already in full swing. Though football’s biggest tournament is still months away, it hasn’t stopped VISA and Nike showing some social samba flair with their latest spots.

Nike’s spot for the upcoming Winter Olympics, featuring the best talent on offer from Mother Russia, also makes it on to this week’s round-up. Remember, Winter is Coming…


5. Nike

Nike has given some sound advice on how to survive the harsh winter – be more Russian!

Created by the team at Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, the sports brand’s latest ‘Just Do It’ campaign celebrates world class sporting superstars from across Mother Russia.

And Nike certainly turns up the energy from the get-go with a series of incredible feats of athletism. From ice hockey to figure skating, skating to snowboarding, the spot takes viewers on a ride through a devastated frozen wasteland, showing off the best talents the country has to offer, including snowboarder Denis Leontyev’s incredible grind on a helicopter and the mindblowing grace of figure skater Adelina Sotnicova.

Though not a new concept from the sporting giant, the spot is masterfully done, especially with an incredible soundtrack from cult punk-rockers, The Butthole Surfers.

Part of Nike’s #PLAYRUSSIAN campaign, the ad aims to inspire Russians to pick up some new sporting activities, with a number of pop-up courses being offered throughout December and January ahead of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics, in Sochi, this February.

With 55,000 shares since its release, it looks like the public are loving the new ad – speeding its way into Unruly’s coveted Top Ads of the Week at number 13.

So who’s in for some ice hockey?

4. Greenpeace

Christmas is cancelled due to global warming. That’s the grim scernario dramatically played out in a stark new video from Greenpeace starring Downton Abbey butler ‘Carson’.

Actor Jim Carter plays Father Christmas as a down-on-his-luck shadow of his jolly old self in a striking spot about the impact of melting polar icecaps and oil drilling at the North Pole.

Speaking to the camera in the middle of a dank, dilapidated room, he says, “Dear children, regrettably, I bring bad tidings. Melting ice here at the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible, and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas.”

It’s a brilliantly-made, moody spot directed by Ed Morris, best known for his work on THINK!’s “#PubLooShocker” and MTV’s “Lethal Weapon” Aids awareness spots.

The ad so far has attracted over 2,700 shares, which means more than 5% of the people who have seen the ad went on to share it!


To most people under the age of 30, the name Paolo Rossi doesn’t really mean all that much – but to Brazilian football fans, he is the Devil Incarnate. The Anti-Christ, Voldemort…well, you get the idea.

Let me explain, the Italian striker dumped Brazil out of the World Cup in 1982 in Spain after scoring a hat-trick. A lot of Brazilians have finally banished the painful memory, but VISA has brought it all back as part of its new spot for the 2014 World Cup.

Yep, to help kick off ‘samba season’, VISA is giving the host nation nightmares, bringing up repressed memories of ‘that’ game.

It features a Brazilian barber, who suddenly realizes who his customer is when he is shown the name on his trusty VISA bank card. The cause of years of sleepless nights soon comes flooding back, sending him back to his childhood and the pain each of those three strikes inflicted.

We’ve all felt it. Whether you have chills from Maradona’s infamous ‘Hand of God‘, penalties against Germany or Lampard’s ghost goal in South Africa, we all know how tough it can be.

However, in the ad, straight razor in hand, the barber does what most could never do in his position. He forgives Rossi with a smile.

In a great piece of content, the banking specialist not only creates a genuinely hilarious social video, but also delivers a brilliantly-timed twist at the end, that has to be watched to be truly appreciated.

Keep an eye out for VISA to shoot up the Viral Video Chart in the coming days.

Next year’s big sporting extravaganza cannot come soon enough.

2. Nike

Most of us would give our left foot to be able to play football like a Brazilian.

After all, no one plays the Beautiful Game quite like the hosts of the 2014 World Cup.

But just in case you needed to be convinced even more, Nike has released a fantastic new ad celebrating Brazil’s samba style.

Yep, Nike once again are not sponsoring the upcoming World Cup, but have already made an early bid to steal the thunder of arch-rival and official sponsor adidas before the big kick-off next summer.

No one does footy ads quite like Nike, and its new video, “Dare To Be Brasilian”, featuring the likes of Neymar, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, manager Luis Felipe Scolari and even a cameo from Ronaldo (the retired Brazilian one), follows along the same lines as previous mega-hits, such as “Write The Future” and “My Time Is Now”.

Whether it will be able to match the success of previous entries, we will have to wait to find out, but so far it has made a solid rather than spectacular start.

In less than 5 days it has attracted 71,780 shares, making it the 10th most shared ad of the last seven days.

One thing it has managed, however, is whet our appetites for next summer’s tournament. Are adidas going to respond? We will have to wait and see.

1. Amazon

It is a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a drone with your latest Amazon order. That’s right, the future is upon us, with new drone delivery squads ready to fill the skies as soon as 2015.

Seeming like a vision of the future from Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World, Amazon assures the world that unmanned drone delivery is not just the work of science fiction, but also may be an option within the next two years.

In its latest spot, the retail behemoth demonstrates Prime Air, the unmanned aerial delivery service aiming to get your parcels from order to your door in less than 30 minutes.

However, as great as the service sounds, this next step in e-commerce has been met with a mixed response. Some love the idea, while others have raised safety and environmental concerns. Others have even questioned whether the project is actually possible. These misgivings are seemingly warranted, with Amazon working tirelessly with organisations such as the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure the project’s feasibility and make sure no one gets hurt by a rogue drone trying to deliver the latest Call of Duty release.

Though some time off, and with lots of hoops yet to traverse, few can argue that a fully-functioning and safe Prime Air could be a masterstroke – I mean, who would argue against a service delivering your bits and bobs in less time than it takes to pop down the local shop?

Whatever your stance on the topic, Amazon’s marketing worked, stealing the headlines throughout Black Friday and amassing an incredible 350,000 shares in the process – making the spot the most shared ad of the week.

So keep your eyes peeled, soon Amazon may be coming to a sky near you.

— Scott Mitchell


  1. Great collection posted above. The Nike Russian one was really cool…not too sure yet how I feel about the drones delivering packages but good video nonetheless. I’m always searching for the latest & greatest..new ones updated daily here://www.real.com/resources/video-search-engine/


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