YouTube is More Important Than Ever for Retailers on Black Friday


ADOTAS — Retailers around the globe rely on the holiday season to bring their companies out of the red, and this year retailers are especially concerned with the truncated timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas. One week less time for consumers to shop translates to millions in lost revenues. According to the National Retail Federation, last year a record 247 million shoppers visited stores and websites over Black Friday weekend, up from 226 million in 2011 and total spending reached an estimated $59.1 billion. This year, many brands are looking to video ads in order to get consumers in the holiday spirit.

“On YouTube, retailers have two ways to go,” said Alison Provost, founder and CEO of TouchStorm. “One is to advertise with YouTube, and that’s a great way of getting out a short-term campaign message like Black Friday. The other way is to post content and then work to grow the retailer’s owned media presence on YouTube.”

Retailers that already have dedicated YouTube channels can deliver special offers and sale messages by Black Friday in order to drive online and in-store purchases. And here’s the great part, according to Provost: A retailer with a sizable YouTube channel can work with its vendors to turn YouTube into a profit center, much like retailers already do with print circulars.

Another company called Eyeview offers a personalized video advertising platform for brand marketers that helps retailers promote Black Friday deals to boost sales. With a product they call the Black Friday Booster, retailers can deliver hundreds of thousands of personalized, relevant video ads according to demographic, purchase behavior and geo-location of each unique viewer nationwide.

“Consumers are so inundated with Black Friday advertisements and deals, it’s impossible for retailers to cut through the noise and reach their customers with deals and products that are specifically relevant to them, especially on a local level,” said Oren Harnevo, founder and CEO of Eyeview. “The Black Friday Booster solution allows retailers with multiple stores to advertise deals via personalized video on a hyper-local level, customized based on individual customer preference, meaning the right video ad will be seen by the right consumer.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 25 percent of working Americans plan to spend at least four hours or more shopping online for gifts on Cyber Monday this year. According to the same study, nearly half of winter holiday gift givers are likely to use a mobile device for holiday shopping with mobile video leading the charge.

“We all can see now that we’re headed to a place where video — be it hour-long scripted dramas or 3-minute how to videos – – will be available to us wherever we want it, whenever we want it,” added Provost. “What’s a little less obvious is how much American youth relies on video. Short-form video is a great way for retailers to build deep relationships with potential customers.”


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