Wearable Tech: Impending Boom or Bust? (Blogshare)


ADOTAS — With all the buzz surrounding Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear, and ongoing speculation that Apple is developing an iWatch, wearable tech is a hot topic these days. As such, the data journalism at Appinions team launched a wearable tech influence study at the redTechTalk late last month, the results of which were published on the company’s blog today.

“Wearable tech is the new black. At least that’s what the power players in the wearable device space would like for consumers and investors to believe,” writes Nyerr Parham, Marketing Manager at Appinions.” While a recent study from Business Insider’s research group projects that wearable technology could amount to a $12 billion market led by wrist-worn gadgets, there is still much skepticism around this space. The market opportunity is young but present, yet it seems the success of this space will undoubtedly hinge on utility.”


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