Thanksgiving Turkey: Can You Cut It?


ADOTAS — You work in the ad-tech field, which means you are likely young, smart and hip. But if you were asked to carve the family Thanksgiving turkey, would you be honored and approach the task with confidence, or would you be paralyzed with fear?

If you answered the latter, we’d be at least a little surprised. After all, you were raised in the Information Age, which means Google and YouTube are among your BFFs. Surely an online video tutorial exists that would make carving a turkey look easy. I mean, how hard could it be (he said as he rode in the back of the ambulance with his hand wrapped in gauze and his thumb packed in a bag of ice nearby).

Not to worry: Your friends at Adotas know how busy you are, so we’ve already done the leg work (Pun intended? You decide). Below, BuzzFeedFood presents: “How to Carve a Turkey.” C’mon — you got this…


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