Study: Retailers That Embrace Interactive Consumer Technology in Stores Are Poised to Succeed on Black Friday


NEW YORK, November 25, 2013 (ADOTAS) — Shoppers this season are vastly more tech savvy than those who battled last year’s Black Friday crowds. Tablet and mobile device ownership has been on a steep rise since the beginning of this year–even among the retired set and young children. Touch screens in kiosks are the norm. Smart devices, toys and gadgets are all around us. As a result, this year’s shoppers are even more accustomed leveraging technology throughout their lives. On Black Friday, the retail stores that have implemented entertaining consumer tech experiences within their physical storefronts will likely have a leg up over their competition since such stores are already showing sales increases over their own traditional retail locations.

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s store locations for example have seen a consistent 20-30 percent increase in sales over its traditional retail stores. Their interactive technology, implemented by Infusion and other technology companies, provides customers with a compelling, immersive and visual experience that draws in guests. Guest satisfaction and repeat visits have also increased in these locations.

RadioShack recently opened several concept stores with interactive experiences that will be part of a new generation of stores being rolled out in high-traffic, high-profile locations. Three concept stores are now open in time for Black Friday. For RadioShack, Infusion created a series of customer involvements including: an interactive storefront window experience that tracks passersby to draw their attention, a video toy adventure playing on displays inside the store, and a product showcase wall that uses Windows Kinect to identify when consumers are interacting with a product so it can subsequently play the corresponding sizzle reel.

Even Richtree Natural Market Restaurants’ flagship location in Toronto’s new Eaton Centre is attracting shoppers with its new hologram hostess – Mrs. Green – who entertains and educates customers, a kid’s zone with a touch-based entertainment wall as well as digital ordering kiosks. Richtree worked closely with innovation experts from Infusion to build a customer experience that utilizes exciting technology and make a statement to visitors that they are now entering an innovative, engaging, and technologically advanced space.

“Immersive, entertaining and relevant technology can give retailers a significant edge this holiday season and into the future,” said Peter Rivera, VP, Executive Creative Director, and General Manager at Infusion’s Digital Agency. “The right experience not only draws in customers but immerses them into the overall store brand. Even during the mad rush on Black Friday, these retailers will attract key shoppers and drive sales as a result.”

About Infusion Infusion unites insight, creativity, and technology to accelerate and transform business for leading companies around the world. From high performance trading systems to next-generation retail environments and beyond, Infusion creates digital experiences and advanced technology solutions that bring our clients’ business to new levels. Founded in New York City in 1998, Infusion today is a team of more than 500 people in offices across the globe. Infusion has deep expertise in digital design, emerging and legacy technologies, Web portal development, enterprise solutions and managed services. Infusion’s expertise extends across the major industries, including retail, financial services, oil and gas, health and life sciences, entertainment, hospitality, education, and public sector.


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