Study Finds Influential Millennial Men are Enthusiastic About Advertising; 89% Recall Online Ads


LOS ANGELES, November 14, 2013 (ADOTAS) Evolve Media’s CraveOnline Media, the largest online male lifestyle publisher, announced results today from a comScore study titled, “The Male Millennial Influencer Study.” According to the study, one in seven millennial men self-identify as an influencer.  With the purpose of learning more about the subset of those 18-34 year old men that influence purchase behaviors, CraveOnline collaborated with comScore to survey over 2,000 millennial men, and take a deeper look into a key group of millennials that seem to influence others.

Identifying the Influential Millennial Male and Their Importance

For the purposes of the study, comScore and CraveOnline focused on Millennial Men who are both the first to own new products and frequently advise others on their purchases.  The research revealed that these influencers are three times more likely to share content with others, and are three times more likely to be self-proclaimed “tech geeks.” Because they earn more money, they spend 2 to 5 times more on their favorite brands—making them brand advocates.

Where They Can Be Found

Results show that influencers can be found in concentrated numbers consuming enthusiast topics online. In fact, they’re three times more likely to be on enthusiast sites (those that focus on a single topic or passion point and often has an engaged community) than non-enthusiast sites (those that cover a variety of subjects or activities). They are also three to five times more likely to access content about events they are passionate about. Overall, influencers spend twice the time consuming content online, across every device, including PC/laptop, smart phone, and tablet.

How to Connect with Them

As it stands, 89% of influencers recall online marketing, and they are two times more likely to be influenced by these advertisements. Moreover, influencers take action: they are three times more likely to complete a follow-up action versus non-influencers. To fully engage this group, findings show that marketers must leverage the fact that millennial influencers are more aware and receptive to online advertising, especially campaigns that are funny, informative, or interactive. Beyond that, brands are wise to sponsor content around key enthusiast events (ComicCon, UFC, Coachella, E3, etc.) and support topics that influencers are passionate about.

“As the #1 male lifestyle destination, CraveOnline’s entire publishing model is based on engaging the millennial male,” said Brian Fitzgerald (pictured), President and Co-Founder of Evolve Media, parent company of CraveOnline Media. “Naturally, it made sense for us to collaborate with comScore to explore influencers and how their actions impact purchasing behavior. This valuable data will ultimately help us better connect our advertisers with this highly sought-after group of men.”

“This study provides unique insights for marketers who aim to connect with the influential millennial male,” said Justin Roy, comScore representative. “These individuals may be discerning when it comes to the sites they visit and the ads they respond to, but once they are engaged they are extremely valuable to marketers. Not only are the likely to exhibit loyalty and advocacy for the brands they like, but they also open their wallets.”

The Methodology

comScore surveyed 2019 male respondents, between the ages of 18 and 34. Survey questions were used to segment influencers vs. non-influencers, while data was weighted to match Media Metrix age demographic segments.

About CraveOnline Media, LLC

CraveOnline ( is the #1 male lifestyle destination reaching men ages 18-34 featuring video, movies, TV, music, sports, games, cars, humor and more. As the largest male lifestyle publishing company, CraveOnline Media attracts over 26 million unique visitors per month (March 2013, Comscore). CraveOnline strives to get users the most up-to-date and coolest content on the web. For advertisers, CraveOnline produces custom, integrated media programs that leverage rich media, video, mobile and social in ways that allow the marketing message to be an uninterrupted part of the user experience. Recent brand advertisers include Schick, Wrigley, IKEA, Universal, LG, Nikon, Coke, Pepsi, Unilever. The company is based in Los Angeles with sales offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto. CraveOnline is part of Evolve Media (

About comScore

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in digital measurement and analytics, delivering insights on web, mobile and TV consumer behavior that enable clients to maximize the value of their digital investments. For more information, please visit


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