Kiip Launches Self-Serve Mobile Rewards Platform


ADOTAS — This morning, mobile rewards network Kiip launched its self-serve platform out of closed beta and open up its network of 1,500+ games and apps to any business so marketers can better reach engaged customers. This is following a five-month pilot in which 30 brands ran more than 100 campaigns.

“Over 50 brands ranging from established e-commerce companies like Hulu and to emerging startups like Lyft and BarkBox have run more than 100 campaigns [in beta mode],” reads a post on the company’s blog. “Kiip has become a strategic partner to generate leads, acquire new customers and drive sales during this holiday season. Some other partners offering rewards include: ProflowersBeachMint,VistaprintHomejoyExecinvinoShutterfly and more. These brands have offered free cab fare, exclusive discount codes, subscription trials, and a free year of movies! Performance has been outstanding with industry-leading in-app engagement rates of 5-7% and average email open rates of 30%.



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