ICANN Shuts Down Domain Registry Allegedly Run by ‘Spam King’


ADOTAS — The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has shut down the domain registry business of Dynamic Dolphin, citing its “failure to disclose that Scott Richter was the CEO, director, and Secretary of the registrar since 2012” and “the registrar’s failure to disclose Scott Richter’s felony conviction.”

According to the blog Krebs On Security, operated by former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs, ICANN was unaware of Richter’s involvement in Dynamic Dolphin, nor his 2003 felony conviction for plotting to buy and sell more than $15,000 worth of stolen property, until Krebs brought it to their attention nearly 5 years ago.

“According to the contracts that ICANN requires all registrars to sign, registrars may not have anyone as an officer of the company who has been convicted of a criminal offense involving financial activities,” Krebs wrote today. “While Richter’s spam offenses all involve civil matters, this reporter discovered several years ago that Richter had actually pleaded guilty in 2003 to a felony grand larceny charge.”

According to his well-sourced Wikipedia bio, Richter (pictured) is the CEO of Media Breakaway, formerly known as OptInRealBig.com LLC. Other related companies include affiliate.com. The self-proclaimed “Spam King” has paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits brought against him by Microsoft and MySpace because of his online activities.

He also was the (apparently unwitting) subject of this satirical news segment on “The Daily Show” in 2004.



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