Five Tips for Making Mobile Revenue Skyrocket For the Holidays


ADOTAS — Get ready. The annual shopping hysteria that is Black Friday is just days away. And while brick and mortar stores have been prepping themselves for weeks, a recent Deloitte survey found that 68% of consumers with access to a tablet or smartphone plan to stay home and do their shopping via their devices.

So in advance of the holidays, Mobify, a company that perfects mobile websites for companies like Starbucks, Lululemon and Christie’s, has design tips for retailers needing to take advantage of the mobile trend this holiday. These “Five Design Upgrades To Make Mobile Revenue Skyrocket” are easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement tips to upgrade mobile websites and make them more friendly for shoppers, including:

1. Make buttons and touch targets at least 44px by 44px. The bigger a touch target is, the less likely a user will hit the wrong button. Apple’s design guidelines recommend touch targets at least 44px by 44px.

2. Check that all aspects of the site are touch-friendly. Your visitors expect to use common mobile gestures like swiping, tapping and dragging – so you’ll need to build in functionality for different kinds of elements. Accordions, drawers, carousels and off-canvas flyouts are great for increased usability.

3. Remove text from images. Separating text from images is a standard web design best practice, but it’s especially important for mobile devices. Images with text in them will become unreadable and poorly formatted when scaled down for smaller screens.

4. Make forms as short as possible. Since it’s more difficult to input data on a software keyboard, try to minimize the number of typing tasks required on your website. Your customers will thank you by being more likely to stick with the task at hand.

5. Ensure your website loads in under three seconds on a 3G connection. Modern web design practices (including large responsive designs) can have a negative effect on the performance on your website. 57% of users are likely to leave your website if it takes 3 seconds to load, so building performance into your design is critically important.


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