Facebook sPMD Ampush Sells Actions Business to Drive Growth of Native Advertising Technology


SAN FRANCISCO, November 4, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Ampush, a leading ad technology company and Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer (sPMD), today announced that it has sold its Actions Business Unit, which helps post-secondary education clients achieve advertising success across channels including search, display and social, to Digital Globe Services, Ltd. (DGS). DGS is a leading UK-based provider of online customer acquisition. Ampush’s Actions Business Unit is expected to boost DGS’s already strong lead generation capabilities.

As a bootstrapped company, Ampush will invest proceeds from the Actions sale into its fast-growing native advertising business. In late 2012, Ampush sold another education-focused platform, Academic Earth, an online education video portal referred to as “Hulu for education” and a favorite of Bill Gates. After selling both assets, Ampush is now 100% focused on building out its native advertising software, which powers solutions for brands and direct response advertisers across many verticals. Ampush first began leveraging Facebook as a key advertising channel for its Actions business in 2010. Since that time, Facebook has emerged as the gold standard for just how effective native advertising can be. Ampush’s focus on product innovation has enabled the company to remain nimble and adapt its proprietary technology in conjunction with Facebook’s ad offerings. Through Ampush’s fully-managed platform, customers have achieved industry leading advertising ROI on Facebook and Ampush has experienced triple-digit growth over the last few years.

With the success of native advertising on Facebook, other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, are expected to follow suit. In April, Experian Marketing Services estimated that approximately 30% of time on the internet is spent on social platforms, yet only 10% of digital ad spend is focused there. The same month, BIA/Kelsey conservatively estimated that native spending in the context of U.S. social media advertising alone would climb to $4.57 billion in 2017, from $1.63 billion in 2012. As the native advertising industry continues to grow, advertisers will need closely integrated and streamlined technology partners that serve ads across multiple native platforms in order to achieve optimal ROI. This creates a massive opportunity for companies like Ampush.

“Native platforms represent a once-in-a-generation shift in the way that people consume information, connect with one another and enable businesses to be a part of the conversation,” said Jesse Pujji (pictured), co-founder and CEO at Ampush. “Our customers have had incredible success with Facebook and we are working to extend our technology to other native platforms as they develop their own ad offerings. The sale of our education-focused Actions business will fuel the continued growth of our native ad software as we remain bootstrapped.”

Ampush’s AMP 2.0 marketing platform is a comprehensive software offering developed specifically to help advertisers achieve measurable business objectives across mobile-first native platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. AMP 2.0 integrates seamlessly with a business’s existing marketing cloud infrastructure, enabling them to achieve a variety of business goals, taking the complexity out of native advertising. Powered by data, the platform works by combining machine learning automation with customer data and end-to-end measurement solutions to deliver targeted reach at scale.

Ampush offers multiple products within the AMP 2.0 suite, including Launchpad, a bulk ad creation and management tool, Signals, which enables granular audience targeting and CRM data integration, Navigator, the nerve center of the platform which directs rules-based bidding algorithms and multi-variate testing for media optimization, and Radar, AMP 2.0’s reporting and analytics dashboard which gives users real-time insight into campaign performance.


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