Dynamix Introduces New Video Monetization Platform for Digital Publishers


NEW YORK, November 21, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Dynamix, today announced the launch of its new video monetization platform for publishers and content distributors. The Dynamix Publisher Platform expands on the company’s STREAMx dynamic video creative platform to enable the automatic delivery of both personalized and localized video advertising at scale across all screen and publisher platforms.

As digital publishers steadily build large video content platforms as video consumption, especially on mobile devices, has continued to increase, Dynamix’s new publisher solution allows those publishers to easily insert dynamically created and interactive video advertising that is also personalized/localized to effectively monetizing video content, providing the means to easily and reliably scale their video advertising operations.

Dynamix allows content developers and video publishers to make the most of their video content by providing them with a powerful solution for combining advertising and content platforms. Benefits of the platform include:

  • Multilingual Functionality – Global publishers can easily adapt video content for foreign language audiences by dynamically inserting relevant text and images for foreign audiences.
  • Data-driven Dynamic Advertising – Integrating dynamic creative with video and targeting geographically and demographically, Dynamix can render unlimited versions of videos in real-time and delivers those videos across the four major screens..
  • Native Branded Content – Without any need for re-editing or re-shooting, Dynamix can insert branded messages into hundreds or thousands of individual video streams.
  • Personalized Email Marketing – Dynamix allows publishers to deliver personal and customized video messages via email.
  • IAB Ad Units – For publishers utilizing standard IAB ad units, Dynamix works within all standard IAB video ad units.

“As we continue to scale our STREAMx platform, we saw an opportunity to help publishers organize and package their video content to generate the most money possible from TV brand advertisers, even as their businesses grow and evolve,” said Jack Cohen-Martin (pictured) , Co-Founder and COO, Dynamix.tv. “We are eager to help publishers of all sizes build a sophisticated video business with high monetization potential across all devices.”

About Dynamix

Founded in 2010, NYC-based Dynamix is the next evolutionary step in video advertising. Dynamix enhances in-stream video with real-time creative services, so that advertisers can efficiently maximize their video spots across all 4 screens – online, mobile, IPTV and Tablet. Dynamix’s STREAMx technology blends media assets with advertiser’s data feeds and user-specific data to deliver engaging, highly relevant and localized dynamic ads in unlimited combinations. For more information visit: www.dynamix.tv.


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