VIDEO: Centro Acquires SiteScout for $40 Million


ADOTAS — SiteScout, the award-winning Toronto-based demand-side platform, has been acquired by ad-tech company Centro for nearly $40 million in cash and stock.

According to a SiteScout spokesperson, the acquisition was completed with the intention of integrating SiteScout’s technology directly into Centro’s buying platform. The combination of the two under one roof will give digital ad buyers access to both exchange inventory and direct-sold offerings within a single interface. The move is yet another sign of real-time bidding’s rising importance in today’s digital advertising industry.

Centro CEO & Founder Shawn Riegsecker commented on the acquisition in a video posted on the company’s Vimeo channel today.

Adotas is awaiting comment from SiteScout CEO and Founder Paul Mokbel (pictured) on the acquisition.

“We have known that at some point, media software will need to consolidate so we can more easily track, analyze and measure performance and attribution through individual platforms end-to-end,” said Donnie Williams, Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Media, in a prepared statement. “With this in mind, Centro’s vision to develop a single platform for all inventory and channels makes a ton of sense.”

“The digital media marketplace has never been more interesting than it is today, but it has also never been more fragmented,” added David Verklin, former CEO, Carat Americas. “Centro is creating a leadership position by unifying all the disparate pieces of digital media operations into a single platform.”


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