AdSpruce Delivers Native Mobile Video Advertising Solution to Mobile Devices


LONDON, November 20, 2013 (ADOTAS) — AdSpruce has unveiled a unique native video advertising proposition for mobile devices. The solution is a custom-made branded TV channel consisting of the brand’s video content interspersed with their latest ads and can be made available across all digital media from smartphones and tablets to feature phones, apps, desktop websites and social media.

AdSpruce’s native video advertising looks to capitalise on the rapid growth of the smartphone industry, allowing brands and agencies to place their video content directly in the hands of the user alongside mobile TV sites and social video platforms. Through AdSpruce’s proprietary technology and experience in delivering mobile video, brands are able to mobilise their video content, thus creating non-intrusive, long-form advertising spots with high engagement rates that simultaneously entertain and inform their audience.

The AdSpruce proposition begins by encoding a brand’s video collection for delivery via AdSpruce’s Any Screen Advertising Platform, which dynamically adapts video streams, making them suitable for delivery to any mobile device. This content is then turned into a VOD centre or linear TV channel to be distributed via mobile TV networks through websites, apps, social networks and other channels. By turning branded video into a TV channel, AdSpruce is giving brands an industry-first opportunity to capitalise on the native marketing idea through mobile video. By tapping into AdSpruce’s existing network of mobile TV channels, brands are given instant access to millions of viewers, enabling them to find and reach new customers, maximise viral growth, create customer engagement and ultimately increase sales revenue.

Ian Mullins (pictured), AdSpruce CEO stated, “There is a significant gap in the market for native advertising on mobile devices, and as more and more consumers switch to using their portable device for accessing the internet, the gap is only increasing. At AdSpruce we’ve recognised this and have made native video advertising available on any internet-enabled mobile device from feature phones to smartphones and tablets. Our native video solution has been developed as a rounded approach to deliver brand lift, build buzz and acquire customers. Our video solutions are designed to enable marketing executives to make best use of their video content and simultaneously deliver a great brand experience for the consumer.“

After suffering under the restrictions and expense of TV advertising, the phenomenal rise in popularity of online video has enabled advertisers to change the way they utilise video advertising; brands and agencies alike are now free to explore a variety of opportunities in the way they use video to promote their products. Increased run times, affordable distribution and advanced reporting and feedback means that video is becoming the number one way to sell products online and, with viewers going mobile, AdSpruce offers the perfect opportunity to rapidly scale up distribution.

The development of native video advertising solutions by AdSpruce comes at a time when brand engagement is one of the most important metrics to social and digital marketers. A recent report by Forbes showed that the top media distribution tactics for brand videos was via owned media channels (Forbes Insights, 2012). The delivery of new, interesting and relevant content to audiences is shown to both increase positive brand perception amongst consumers and motivate sharing amongst peers.

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