AdSpruce Announces Unique Mobile VideoWall to Monetise Media on the Mobile Web


LONDON, November 8, 2013 (ADOTAS) — AdSpruce, the mobile video ad network, has just released details of a new Paywall-style technology that can monetise media or content on the mobile web by inserting a video ad that consumers must watch before continuing to access premium content.

Currently in private beta, the VideoWall technology allows mobile website owners to directly monetise their downloads and content on the mobile web through mobile video advertising. A common business model for app developers and video owners, this freemium-modelled VideoWall technology bypasses the software constraints of varying mobile devices to provide a monetisation solution that works on all Internet-enabled mobile devices from features phones using 2.5G to smartphones on 4G.

AdSpruce’s VideoWall allows publishers and web developers to monetise any content or media such as downloads, photo galleries, music and apps as well as internet articles and access to premium site sections by dynamically inserting video ads as a barrier to access when the user clicks a link to download or view content. After clicking, the user must watch the video ad in its entirety before being directed to the content or prompting the start of their download. This freemium business model has long been utilised on desktop and smartphones, particularly by casual game and app developers who offer in-game rewards in exchange for users watching adverts, but now for the first time ever, AdSpruce is bringing this technology to the mobile web. 

Discussing this new revenue format, AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins (pictured) stated, “Working closely with our publisher partners over the last few months we have recognised a very specific need and opportunity for the monetisation of content on the mobile web, particularly downloads. As consumers we are becoming more mobile with the way we access information and entertainment so the gap in the market to monetise content published on the mobile web is only increasing. With the release of our VideoWall, AdSpruce will close this gap and enable website owners to monetise freemium content they publish, generating new revenue streams for their business.”

Paywalls have predominantly been used by online versions of magazines and newspapers; publications such as Maxim, OK and Radar Online have all experimented with the monetisation technology.  However, AdSpruce believes its VideoWall solution can be applied to several different types of online media.

Ryan Davies, Marketing Manager at AdSpruce, stated, “Content creators work hard to produce interesting, relevant and useful content on a daily basis; however, for various reasons – whether it be technology limitations, the economy or a lack of will – a lot of users are looking to avoid directly exchanging cash for content. Our VideoWall technology enables publishers to monetise the content they distribute without a cost to the consumer. The VideoWall presents a win for the publisher who will get new revenue streams, the consumer who doesn’t have to purchase the content and the brands who can deliver an engaging, clickable and trackable ad format.”

The AdSpruce VideoWall is still in a beta phase of testing. Company CEO Ian Mullins stated, “We want the VideoWall to work seamlessly, so we will be putting the solution under rigorous testing, working with a few select publishers for the next couple of months. The official release is planned for early in the new year.”

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