5 New Video Ads You Should Watch Right Now


ADOTAS — Marketers take note, you’re about to get a lesson in advertising. Featuring an incredible initiative from Durex, a short film from Wes Anderson and Kmart’s new definition of Jingle Bells, this week’s selection shows the most sharable content can come in all shapes and sizes.

So spit out your gum, sit up straight – we start the day with genius marketeer Mr. Mixson.


5. Mike’s Golf Club Shop: Mike’s Golf Shop Fall 2013

Who needs big production budgets or fancy copywriting skills when you have Mike Mixson and his handy phone camera.

The owner of Mike’s Golf Club Shop definitely proves that when it comes to mining for internet gold, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple – really simple.

You don’t need a creative agency when you have Mike’s big personality and breezy charm, plus a lovely sunny day and a killer catchphrase. He gives the people want they want.

Remarkably, the ad is being run on local television, but understandably has atracted a lot of fans across the social web, attracting over 127,000 views and more than 6,000 shares. That’s a hole-in-one.

I don’t even have any golf clubs, but if did, I would definitely sell them to Mike.

4. Baileys: Christmas Nutcracker 2013

Not far behind John Lewis’ much-discussed offering, Baileys has releases its own seasonal stocking-stuffer. While you’d expect a purveyor of creamy liqueurs to perhaps aim for an older demographic, their new ad updates a reliable Christmas classic: Tchaichovsky’s The Nutcracker.

The advantage of such a recognisable theme is that Bailey’s ad foregoes Santa or reindeer, but still feels overwhelmingly festive. We see our three heroines stumble out of the snow into a swanky loft party, where sequin-masked guests dance in the glow of retro light fixtures. Imagine the kind of place you picture yourself going on New Year’s, while being stuck at home for Christmas.

Grabbing a couple hefty goblets of Baileys, the drama begins as the Nutcracker and the Mouse begin to fight balletically over their love object. It’s all unfolds like a charming, well-costumed period drama, except the heroine ends up kicking the baddie in the face. Not exactly what Tchaichovsky was imagining, I’m sure.

If you need anymore convincing of its pedigree, the spot is directed by Ringan Ledwidge (best known for The Guardian’s “Three Little Pigs”) and choreographed by Benjamin Millepied. If his name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s married to Natalie Portman. While not hugely relevant, if the ad comes on during a Christmas party, that little factoid could save you from an awkward lull in conversation. You’re welcome.

Bailey’s “Christmas Nutcracker” has been shared 13,500 since its release on Friday, so still has a long way to go catch up to the big-name campaigns. However, if you like your Christmas ads a little more sophisticated, look no further.

3. Prada: CASTELLO CAVALCANTI By Wes Anderson

What do you get when you combine a bizarre setting, jaunty camera angles and Jason Schwartzman with a moustache? Why, a new Wes Anderson short, of course!

The director of ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ teamed up with Prada to produce ‘Castello Cavalcanti’, a charming seven-minute film about a sleepy Italian town and their encounter with an errant race driver, Jed Cavalcanti. While the centrepiece of the short is our American racer’s unimpressive crash, the film plays out with all of Anderson’s trademarks: quick-fire dialogue, prolonged eye contact and an overarching sense of whimsy.

While seven minutes is a tough ask for a spot that doesn’t involve Felix Baumgartner falling to Earth, there’s a lot in ‘Castello Cavalcanti’ for the film buffs. The short’s cartoon-y aesthetic seems lifted straight out of ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’ and it was shot in Rome’s legendary Cinecitta studios, where Fellini produced much of his best work.

Here’s hoping that Prada (and other brands like them) keep bankrolling great directors to produce mini-masterpieces. Like say, a short from ‘Tree of Life’ director Terrence Malick. It’ll be four hours long and be completely wordless. Sharing gold, if you ask me.

2. Durex: #SomeoneLikeMe

Can you imagine a world without HIV? No? Durex can and is counting on your shares to make it possible.

Who can ever forget sex-Ed at school – the embarrassing demonstrations, the kids making as many jokes about their privates as they can in a 30-minute window – it wasn’t always taken as seriously as it could have been. But with HIV affecting around 35.3 million people in 2012, maybe it’s time people took note.

Enter Durex. Having shown the world for countless years that sex is not something to be embarrassed about, the condom specialist has teamed up with MTV and the Staying Alive Foundation to put an end to misinformation and kick-start a worldwide conversation about safe sex using a multi-channel campaign.

You may very well be skeptical at this point, I mean solving the global HIV crisis is not going to happen overnight. However, through their #SomeoneLikeMe campaign, Durex is offering protection to those in need via their ‘1 Share 1 Condom’ initiative – giving up to 10 million johnnies to curb the spread of this devastating disease.

So far, the support has been phenomenal, with 2,200,000 shares already registered.

But that’s not all, in the build up to World Aids Day on the December 1st, Durex is also asking you, the public, to banish the idea that sex is taboo – it wants the world to be able to ‘take action and celebrate change for better sex education, happier and healthier sex lives and a world free from HIV’.

So through sharing the following video or Tweeting it with the #SomeoneLikeMe hashtag, you can be part of the solution to help eradicate HIV for good. Let’s just help make HIV a thing of the past.

What are you waiting for? Do the world a favour and share this video.

1. Kmart: Show Your Joe

You can throw as many inspiring storylines, heartfelt songs or clever catchphrases into your marketing mix as you want, but apparently nothing quite says Christmas ad than the sight of six men playing jingle bells with their stocking fillers.

Well, that’s one way you can look at the incredible success of Kmart’s latest ad. The slightly childish but amusing commercial, once again created by Chicago agency draftfcb, has racked up more than one million shares in just a few days.

That makes it not only the biggest Christmas ad so far, easily beating John Lewis’s epic “Bear And The Hare”, but also one of the biggest ads of the year with 1.2 million shares. Not bad for an ad that was only launched on November 16.

So what’s the ad about? Well, to say Kmart’s other ads, such as “Big Gas Savings” and “Ship My Pants”, are more mature and sophisticated would be an understatement.

Basically the the retailer’s crazy Christmas cross-promotion with Joe Boxer features six Kmart ‘hunks’, dressed in dinner jackets and pants shaking their stuff in time to Jingle Bells. And that’s about it! Oh, and obviously, every swing of the hips coincides with a chime of a bell. Otherwise that would be just embarassing, right?

— Scott Mitchell


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