Top 10 Digital Trends Marketers Can’t Ignore


ADOTAS — What are the top digital trends marketers need to pay attention to if they want to remain relevant and successful in 2014 and beyond?

Yuli Ziv (pictured), a serial entrepreneur and recognized leader in the fashion/tech space, offers a comprehensive analysis in her forthcoming book, “Fashion 2.0: Season of Change: A Forecast of Digital Trends Set to Disrupt the Fashion Industry”(October 4, 2013 at Amazon). The book’s foreword was penned by visionary venture capitalist Lawrence Lenihan, Managing Director at FirstMark Capital.

Here are Yuli’s “Top 10 Digital Trends Marketers Can’t Ignore”:

  1. The End of Top Down Marketing. Interaction and engagement trumps pre-packaged promotional messages and interruption.
  2. Loss of Privacy Fuels Innovation.“This might be the biggest and most underestimated opportunity for brands today.”
  3. Discovery Replaces Search. “We are moving away from user-initiated (search) to auto-serving (suggestions) technologies, and it’s about to change the way we communicate, shop and collaborate. As our online profiles become more sophisticated and mobile tools allow real-time interaction, instead of actively searching for things we will be presented with them, as we live our lives. We will slowly build trust and allow more technologies to shape our discovery and decision processes. As these technologies become more integral to our lives, search as an activity will become less relevant.”
  4. Consumers Now Have Bigger Control of Business and Influence Product. “Consumers are active participants in various parts of the industry and more technology solutions are allowing them to monetize their influence.”
  5. Brands Become Personified Online. “People’s perception of your brand is based not only on the quality of your products…it is based on the personality your brand projects.”
  6. Brands to Adopt the Openness of APIs. “To innovate, brands need more efficiency, which is hard to optimize on a brand level. The change needs to come from the industry as a whole.”
  7. Personal Style Wins Over Seasonal Trends. “Natural cycle of a trend is so short, it challenges the concept itself. Personal style is the new commodity.”
  8. E-commerce Enables Seasonless Shopping. “Online stores have limitless possibilities in a global market due to different climates, demographics, etc.
  9. Data Improves Matchmaking Between Products & People.“Technologies collect millions of data points for every individual (taste, body shape, lifestyle), yet much of this data isn’t used in retail, who instead opt to present their online customers with the same non-personalized web experience.”
  10. Mass-Produce is Replaced by Life on Demand. “In an age in which furniture is already available for 3-D printing on demand, it is only a matter of time before machines will be able to create wearable garments based on our needs and taste.”


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