Today’s Burning Question: Google Stock Breaks $1,000 Barrier


ADOTAS — Today we asked our esteemed panel of industry thought leaders for their reactions to Google’s stock price surpassing $1,000 a share.

They responded as follows:

“Google is a revenue freight-train, which I pointed out in a blog predicting this could easily happen back in July. For all the questions about Enhanced Campaigns, PLAs, Mobile CPCs, Motorola Mobility, diversification into display, video, self-driving cars and solar planes, etc.,  Google continues to grow up and to the right, and the share price can’t help but follow. We continue to note the expanding opportunities for search.  Search is no longer just about text search on a PC.   In addition to Google, people now search on LinkedIn and Facebook.  There’s location search available on any and all GPS enabled devices, video search not just on YouTube and Hulu but on any DVR/TiVo/TV Guide, vocal search, gamification of search, and eye tracking/responsive search.  These are all areas still to be developed and monetized.   You could say we are still only in the “4th or 5th inning of search.”Covario CEO Russ Mann.

Google is a great company, we all know how powerful and big they are. If the stock price is justifiable, I don’t know,  but we have to keep a couple of things in mind which might jeopardize Google’s position:

  • FB and Twitter are focusing on expanding their ad networks and with success. Both companies have a strong focus on mobile and can be very competitive with Google.
  • Google is fighting many battles, on search, on advertisement, on mobile devices and so on and although I understand the strategy the big question is how long they can keep up.

“From an online media buying perspective, we are slowly moving part of our budgets from Google ads to other channels. Yes Google offers great quality but as an advertiser you pay top dollar for that traffic and we have been successful in other channels with better ROI. From our point of view, this has been a clear trend and future will tell how this will affect the stock price.” — Frans Van Hulle, CEO/Co-Founder of ReviMedia.

“Google has made major changes this year — changes that have been greeted with excitement and dismay, depending on who you’re talking to.  Investors have been impatient for Google to turn around their mobile monetization problem, SEO analysts are frustrated by Google’s recent encryption of keyword data and their new Hummingbird algorithm, and paid search marketers have had to deal with the major upheaval of the Enhanced Campaigns transition.  While these changes impacted everyone who interacts with Google in some way, the core reason behind each of them is the Google Searcher.

“It doesn’t matter how sophisticated, complex, or powerful Google’s advertising platforms are if Google doesn’t continue to provide value for their users by responding to their searches with the absolute best information — whether that information is a paid advertisement or not.  As excited as I am about Google’s Q3 earnings, I feel they’re only the beginning. Many new features for advertisers just launched or are scheduled to be released soon, such as cross-device tracking and other data points that will help advertisers quantify the results of their advertising spend on multiple devices.  Hummingbird will not only change SEO strategies, it will reward sites which are already focused on providing quality content.  Advertisers are only beginning to scratch the surface of the possibilities available from AdWords bid modifiers.

“2013 has been a year of huge changes at Google, and these changes have already had a huge impact on both marketers and Google users.  While investors may have been frustrated over the past few quarters that Google didn’t move more quickly to improve mobile monetization, the changes that Google has rolled out aren’t a ‘quick fix’ — they’re forward thinking, laying the foundation for Google’s continued success in the coming years.” —  Jeremy Hull, Director of Paid Search, iProspect.

“A big driver in Google’s stock price soaring is mobile and the advertising opportunity it is opening up as budgets shift increase dramatically. Mobile is also the key to Facebook’s recent lift and the heart of the Twitter upcoming IPO. Google’s attention to mobile ads is helping the overall ecosystem as its making large brands and agencies think more about mobile which will put more ads in Google’s screens and all mobile ad players across the board.” — Howie Schwartz, CEO/Founder of Human Demand.

“Google has been forward thinking and agile in their approach to the ever-changing advertising landscape, so it’s not at all surprising that they have continued to grow revenue, profit, and marketshare. When Google went public, they were a search engine business with search engine marketing advertising. Today they are a diversified company with strong growth in display, mobile, social, analytics, and platform management. It’s been an impressive transformation that I think still has many cycles of iteration to come.” — David Rodnitzky, CEO/Founder, 3Q Digital.

“A fantastic result for Google and the market’s enthusiasm for their business is well-deserved. Google is currently operating at ‘peak innovation’ – they are doing their most interesting, innovative, cutting edge work ever… while deftly operating a hugely profitable core business. If recent successes are any indications, the best is yet to come from Google. Beware the nay-sayers. I remember when many pundits panned the YouTube acquisition… today it’s both the dominant online video destination and a multi-billion dollar revenue stream.” — Matt Cutler, CEO and Founder of Kibits/Collaborate (a Google Ventures backed company).



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