Silverpop Launches Revenue Analytics to Deliver Intuitive ROI Analysis


ATLANTA, October 15, 2013 (ADOTAS) — SilverpopTM today announces the launch of Revenue Analytics. This new application gives marketers a simple, out-of-the-box solution for measuring how much revenue their marketing activities are generating. Designed for the needs of  B2B marketers, Revenue Analytics ties together all marketing activities generated by Silverpop with campaign, customer and sales data from their CRM system, immediately identifying the connections between marketing efforts and closed revenue from within the Silverpop Engage platform.

“With Revenue Analytics, we have created the ability to analyze each customer touchpoint in real time, giving B2B marketers a valuable opportunity to measure the revenue generated by every single one of their marketing activities,” said Adam Steinberg, director of emerging apps at Silverpop. “Whether you are managing events, sending personalized email campaigns or publishing videos on your website, marketers are the owners of the buyer journey. To ensure success, it is critical to know what is performing best and also what isn’t working. With the launch of Revenue Analytics, Silverpop customers now have a powerful view into each and every marketing investment. Not only will this improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, but it also helps justify ROI, allowing marketers to more clearly demonstrate their contribution to the bottom line.”

The Revenue Analytics app helps marketers further benefit from the campaigns and processes they have already developed, rather than requiring additional complex implementation. Unlike other tools that only track lead sources or campaigns, Revenue Analytics also measures the revenue impact of emails, website content, and traffic sources. It includes data-analysis capabilities such as:

  • Historical Revenue Performance: Determine whether current marketing campaigns are still delivering results or whether it’s time to refresh content or revise messaging.
  • Marketing Efficiency: Make more informed decisions about optimal recipients, reach and frequency.
  • Cohort Reports: Track the performance of campaigns over time to determine if they are becoming more or less effective.
  • Marketing-Influenced Sales Funnel: Access reporting on new sales opportunities that have been influenced by marketing.
  • Sales Lookback: Highlight successful interactions down to the recipient level, showing exactly which customers interacted with marketing campaigns and then made a purchase.

In Q4, Silverpop plans to launch a similar application tailored for B2C marketers. It will offer deep strategic and tactical insight into the revenue generated by every marketing campaign by incorporating data from Engage and third party systems such as ecommerce or couponing.

About Silverpop

Silverpop is a digital marketing software company focused on helping marketers transform the customer experience— increasing engagement and driving revenue. Silverpop makes this possible by using customer data and each individual’s behaviors to inform and drive every interaction in real time. Silverpop uniquely enables marketers to automate these highly-personalized interactions at scale. Silverpop’s top-ranked email marketing and marketing automation tools serve the needs of B2C and B2B marketers from a wide range of industries. Silverpop is trusted by more than 5,000 brands around the globe.  For more information visit


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