Rhythm NewMedia Debuts Dynamic Live Streaming Video Ad Technology


NEW YORK, October 17, 2013 (ADOTAS) —Today, Rhythm NewMedia announced the launch of LivePods, its live streaming video advertising technology. LivePods delivers an automated, scalable, high-quality monetization solution to publishers running live streamed events. The new product arms broadcast publishers with the tools to stream live events within mobile environments, generating new revenue opportunities through dynamic interactive in-stream advertising. LivePods debuts with a major TV broadcaster with a commitment to live event programs.

A welcome addition to the media mix, LivePods gives advertisers more control over execution and greater ability to optimize to audiences on mobile devices.

LivePods also delivers the first ever interactive advertising experience for live streaming mobile video. Through dynamic overlays and clickable hot spots, interactive in-stream mobile ads garner high completion and engagement rates, making this the ad format of choice for advertisers and publishers alike.

“This is a breakthrough improvement to current live stream advertising capabilities available in the market,” said Ujjal Kohli, Rhythm CEO. “The dynamic ad placement technology, which places ads at the time of ad request both in-app and on mobile web for smartphones and tablets, makes the experience remarkably similar to watching live television. The interactive ad experience takes it to the next level.”

LivePods represents a significant step up from competitive ad products. Its patent pending technology enables automated, dynamic ad design and insertion based on audience behavior, proclivity, and perceived relevancy.  Other players in the space tend to pre-stitch ads to live content, since they lack the in-stream ad serving system in place to deliver dynamic and contextually targeted ads.

“Our partners—both publishers and advertisers — are incredibly excited about the enhanced options we are offering for live streaming content,” said Eugene Youn, Rhythm VP of Business Development. “They can now execute quality interactive in-stream video advertising using best practices for mobile advertising, all while delivering a higher caliber audience experience. This is so much more than pre-roll advertising.”

“This development greatly raises the probability of business success, allowing publishers to serve streaming ads during content as commercial breaks, not just before the content begins.  More ads equals more revenue for publishers, and the interactive dynamism boosts the audience experience. All parties win.”

Key Product Benefits:

  • First ever live streaming solution for interactive in-stream pre and mid-roll mobile video advertising
  • Scales to serve dynamic ads to millions of simultaneous live streams
  • Integrates with video encoders to receive ad break notifications
  • Rich monetization options with in-stream, dynamic formats
  • Ability to design and serve based on behavior and proclivity

The live streaming option immediately expands a broadcaster’s ability to monetize live events in an entirely new way while driving bolder, more relevant audience experiences.

About Rhythm

Rhythm connects brand advertisers with highly engaged mobile audiences by selling and serving video, rich media and other immersive advertising formats. Rhythm has partnered with more than 50 premium media companies across a portfolio of 200+ properties to deliver brand advertising to targeted audiences. Premium media partners include NBC Universal, CBS, ABC, Fox, Warner Bros., IAC, and Demand Media. More than 200 top brand advertisers including P&G, Unilever, Disney, McDonald’s, General Motors, Ford, AT&T, Verizon, Macy’s, Marriott and Wrigley have run campaigns with Rhythm and achieved unprecedented engagement results.


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