Opera Breaks Records with Q3 Earnings


ADOTAS — Opera Software announced its Q3 earnings today with record revenue, profit and cash flow. Opera also raised its revenue, profit guidance for FY2013.

A spokesperson said the revenue and profit growth in the company was mostly driven by the growth of the two US-based subsidiaries of Opera: Opera Mediaworks, the mobile advertising subsidiary, and Skyfire, which offers mobile cloud-based optimization to mobile operators around the world.

“Opera’s has been focused on providing consumers access to information and having our customers reach a massive audience around the world,” said the spokesperson, “whether its a mobile user in New York looking for the latest news on his mobile device through our browser products, or a publisher who wants to monetize their properties through mobile advertising, or brands/agencies to reach their potential audience through mobile advertising, or mobile operators so they can provide a faster, more economical experience to their users.”

The positive earnings report comes two weeks after Opera announced the expansion of its presence in Silicon Valley.


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