New Platform Adds Music to Email Marketing Campaigns


PASADENA, October 11, 2013 (ADOTAS) — DMI Music and Media Solutions, the premier provider of comprehensive music marketing and branding solutions, today unveiled Engine 1 Music, its latest technology product connecting brands with consumers through the emotional power of music.

With Engine 1 Music, companies can include a music playlist in their marketing emails with songs specially curated and licensed by DMI Music to connect with a brand’s target audience, adding new value to email campaigns and deepening loyalty and engagement between customer and company.

“Engine 1 Music is the perfect realization of the level of engagement I wanted DMI Music to deliver to brands when I founded the company 15 years ago,” said DMI Music CEO Tena Clark (pictured). “For me, music has always been about emotional connections. We developed Engine 1 Music to help our clients establish a deep connection with their customers over a common love of music, listening to today’s hits, hearing the classics or discovering new artists.”

Engine 1 Music is a full-service product that works directly with brands’ current CRM efforts. Utilizing DMI Music’s expert music curators, the service helps select the appropriate music. Then based upon the brand’s needs, Engine 1 Music develops the music campaign and delivers real-time analytics.

DMI Music has partnered with Trendline Interactive, an Austin-based email firm, to provide channel consulting and build analytical dashboards tailored to individual client business objectives.

“Our partnership with DMI Music allows Trendline to extend the cutting edge Engine 1 Music engagement platform to our clients,” said Trendline Interactive CEO Morgan Stewart. “And Engine 1 Music clients benefit from our ability to tie campaign metrics to bottom line results delivered in real time.”

The patent-pending technology is intuitive and streams music on any device that can receive emails, from smartphones to tablets to Mac and Windows computers.

DMI Music is launching Engine 1 Music with several major national and global brands through the end of this year and throughout 2014.

Early indications of the technology’s effectiveness have been very encouraging. In a preliminary campaign, 75 percent of those who opened the email listened to the music, 43 percent of which returned to re-listen to the music two or more times, suggesting Engine 1 Music has the power not only to engage but reengage its recipient, thereby increasing time spent with the brand.

About DMI Music and Media Solutions

DMI Music and Media Solutions develops and executes comprehensive music branding strategies and programs using the emotional power of music to connect brands to consumers. DMI Music’s unique solutions and creative executions to create campaigns that break through to today’s media-savvy consumers for clients such as Delta Airlines, Lucky Brand, AARP, Build-A-Bear Workshop®, General Mills and Kohl’


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