MobileFuse Launches Comprehensive Mobile Video Ad Network


NEW YORK, October 29, 2013 (ADOTAS) – MobileFuse, a leading mobile brand advertising network, today announced the launch of Vision, a comprehensive video advertising network for cross-platform distribution, view optimization and dynamic reporting. With the introduction of Vision, MobileFuse is addressing key needs in the mobile video market including premium reach, optimized transcoding of video ads and cross-channel, publisher-agnostic reporting.

At the core of Vision is a custom software layer, ViewCelerator, that enables the uploading, transcoding, delivery of multiple distribution formats, and optimization of video files based on OS, device, connection speed and other parameters. By transcoding video into optimal formats, Vision delivers the most effective video viewing experience for the user and therefore, the brand. Vision also brings scale to mobile video with access to its supply network of over 500 publishers with premium video inventory.

“With the introduction of Vision, we are working to bring simplicity to a highly fragmented mobile video landscape,” said Ken Harlan (pictured), Co-Founder and CEO of MobileFuse. “We recognize that brands need an end-to-end solution that streamlines workflow and takes a more open, agnostic approach to distribution, enabling greater reach while providing real-time consolidated reporting, all in one place.”

Vision’s unique open-distribution approach enables customers to serve ads via Vision’s publisher network or wrap their videos in tags to serve wherever they want, yet still benefit from consolidated, real-time reporting.

“We’re seeing huge demand for video from our advertisers and partners, and video units are already one-third of our campaign volume, up significantly this year” said Harlan. “Over half the RFPs we receive are including video in the media mix, so we are committed to providing the simplest and most flexible solution for what our clients are looking for.”

With its self-service transcoding service, Vision is bringing a new level of access to launching and managing mobile video campaigns, enabling even small to medium sized brands, who may have been running local TV or online video, to easily turn their video assets into mobile video ads.

About MobileFuse

Founded in 2009, MobileFuse is a premium mobile advertising network that connects brands with consumers using highly effective and comprehensive mobile solutions, simplifying and streamlining today’s increasingly fragmented mobile advertising market. Offering industry-leading, proprietary technologies and an open architecture that enable ads across all operating systems, smartphones, tablets and online, MobileFuse brings tangible value to publishers, advertisers and partners. MobileFuse has main offices in New York City and Waltham, MA, with sales offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago.

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