Mobile First: Examining Consumer Behaviors for Cross-Device Advertising


ADOTAS – During the recently completed 10th Annual Advertising Week, mobile advertising was a topic of heated discussion. But rather than focusing on specific creative executions or ad units for the platform, the conversation shifted towards consumer behaviors on mobile devices and how to leverage insights to more effectively delivery ads to the right person at the right time on their device of choice.

The primary problem here is our collective ability to understand how a consumer’s mindset differs across environments – and then tailor our marketing accordingly,” said Ujjal Kohli, CEO of mobile video ad company Rhythm NewMedia. “There is a value exchange that has to happen. Consumers must be shown relevant, engaging ads in exchange for premium and valuable content. If brands deliver irrelevant ads that do not not actively engage the consumer or even more to the point, do not run natively in premium, must-watch content, fair value exchange does not exist. And it’s a total disconnect.”

Kohli went on to discuss how digital marketers often make the mistake of simply porting over their desktop executions to the mobile environment, a move that sells short the whole opportunity represented by mobile.

“As a company, we are very clear on the differences between the desktop and mobile environments and advocate or enable solutions to help brands and publishers take advantage of that difference,” said Kohli. “Buyers and sellers of mobile video ads must realize ways that they can most effectively communicate with their audiences on these nascent platforms. Video is ideal because of the visual engagement opportunity.”

People who are passionate about mobile have truncated attention spans;  therefore advertisers need to consider this when creating pithy, eye-catching ads that appeal to users with this mindset.

When asked specifically about the convergence of mobile and video experiences created by brans, Kohli commented, “Video is uniquely poised to take advantage of this, especially when thought is given to strategic ad formats for mobile video. So, we see the two very much working hand in hand to deliver success.”

Kohli said Rhythm NewMedia is focused on making video mobile ads more effective, investing in areas like: advanced targeting, optimizing completion rates, and user engagement,

“The long-term future of mobile will be very dramatic as it will absolutely become the first screen for consumer content consumption,” he added, “and advertisers must follow the consumer and innovate ways to engage and impact their brand perceptions.”


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