MediaBrix Delivers the First Emotional Targeting Advertising Solution to the Windows Ecosystem


NEW YORK, October 23, 2013 (ADOTAS) – MediaBrix, the leading advertising and services platform for social and mobile games, today announces it is extending its proprietary emotional targeting and Breakthrough Moments™ (BTMs) technology to the Windows ecosystem. Through this extension, app and game developers can now engage a single ad platform monetization solution that supports all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone platforms. By uniting the offerings into one platform, MediaBrix provides developers with a comprehensive ad solution for free-to-play games monetization. Fortune 500 brands also benefit as they can now target audiences across a broader landscape without having to worry about separate creative executions or their own solution for cookie-less targeting.

MediaBrix is the only company capable of delivering unified emotional targeting and BTMs technology to Microsoft Corp., as well as offer reporting and analytics through a single platform, revealing advertising volume and revenue data. MediaBrix helps Windows developers better monetize by reaching game players during BTMs — natural, critical points in gaming where people are most receptive to brand messages. This includes when a player gets a new high-score, achieves a personal best or gets stuck on a level and is in need of help. MediaBrix ad products are additive and enhance gameplay, helping consumers engage with and establish a personal connection with brands, resulting in higher yield for app and game developers.

“We’re proud to collaborate with Microsoft and extend our proprietary emotional targeting and BTMs technology to the Windows platform,” says Ari Brandt (pictured, CEO and Co-Founder, MediaBrix. “The growing Windows ecosystem offers potential for user engagement and audience growth, and MediaBrix is ready to help Windows developers generate revenue with a cross-platform SDK integration that includes cookie-less targeting.”

“We’re excited to make available MediaBrix’s emotional targeting and BTM technology solution for app and game developers in the Windows ecosystem,” said Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice-President and Chief Evangelist, Microsoft. “MediaBrix is a leader in in-game brand advertising technology and we are proud to partner with them to help developers better monetize their apps on Windows.”

Benefits to Game Developers

The MediaBrix platform extension offers developers benefits such as:

  • Ad revenue that supports the growth of developers with existing Windows games and developers wishing to extend into the Windows ecosystem
  • A simple SDK solution
  • A frictionless, beneficial engagement between the user, the game and the brand through MediaBrix’s proprietary emotional targeting and BTM technology
  • Proprietary analytics and auto-reporting
  • Cross-promotion
  • A supportive anonymous cookie technology, which helps monetize users across the Windows ecosystem
  • Robust coverage of all major operating systems from a single platform allowing developers to monetize their games on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, desktop computers and the web

Learn more about the MediaBrix SDK here.


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