Martini Reports Affluent Spending Increased 20% YOY


ADOTAS — This morning, Martini released an infographic that explores affluent spending in Q2 2013 vs. Q2 2012. The research revealed that affluent spending has increased 20% YOY and shows increased engagement with ads across specific categories.

Here are some of the highlights uncovered:

  • 100k+ earners were 90% more likely to make a purchase online in Q2 than non-affluent.
  • Affluent spending on apparel, accessories and jewelry is up 16% YOY.
  • Affluent spending on video games and consoles is up 20% YOY.
  • Affluent spending on luxury sites (like is up 20% YOY.
  • Affluent audiences spend 217% more time with retail ads than the average user.
  • Affluent audiences spend 151% more time with auto ads than the average user.
  • Affluent shoppers are increasingly more likely to visit auto sites compared to non-affluent, with the gap in visitation growing 6% YOY.


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