InMobi Launches Advanced Ad Formats for Mobile Developers


SINGAPORE, October 22, 2013 (ADOTAS) — InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, today announced two new mobile ad formats, App Galleries and Custom Ads.

These new ad formats enable developers to deliver personalized and relevant ads resulting in improved user experience and better monetization. The new, pre-built, template-based approach to creating highly engaging, native ads significantly reduces time and effort needed by developers to deliver a rich and unobtrusive user experience.

InMobi App Galleries enables developers and mobile web publishers to create and host a white-labeled app store experience of handpicked, curated and sponsored apps that best suit the publisher’s audience. It also allows auto-populating the gallery based on historic content of the app. Currently available in a full-screen, interstitial or a standalone format, InMobi App Galleries deliver the following benefits:

  • Complete control in providing additional, relevant and customizable app content for users. Also allows monetizing of gallery views through installs delivered on sponsored apps;
  • Up to $12 eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) when used in conjunction with traditional mobile advertising;
  • Up to 600% increase in app download conversion rates; and,
  • A simple turnkey interface that allows developers to create custom galleries for an app or mobile website within a few minutes.

For more information on App Galleries, visit

InMobi Custom Ads allows app developers to customize ads based on the look, feel and content of their app. With no additional integration effort, developers can access a vast assortment of pre-made frames, animations and transparent layers that can be used to deliver a richer ad experience. Key features and benefits include:

  • A pre-built set of ad templates designed for a wide range of app categories such as card games, word games, weather apps, utility apps and more;
  • Up to 50% increase in click through rates as compared to static interstitial formats;
  • Instant access to a team of world-class creative experts at InMobi to create bespoke ad designs; and,
  • An internal optimization tool that allows rapid testing of multiple ad variations to determine which version of an ad will deliver the best monetization.

For more information on Custom Ads, visit

“The ad innovation team at InMobi is tasked with solving the complex industry problem of delivering the best user experience along with high monetization,” said Piyush Shah (pictured), Vice President of Products at InMobi. “Initial customer feedback on both Custom Ads and App Galleries has been highly encouraging since these new high-conversion ad formats are easy to integrate. These ad innovations, when combined with our global scale and deep expertise in contextual user targeting, enable us to deliver the best monetization for our developers and publishers.”

Custom Ads & App Galleries are available on both iOS and Android. For further queries on these ad formats, developers should contact

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InMobi enables the world’s leading brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers through mobile advertising. InMobi platforms leverage advances in big data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising for its customers. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013, InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, engaging 691 million consumers across 165 countries.

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