Infographic: Who’s Winning Social – New or Old Media?

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Oct 8, 2013 
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ADOTAS — Which media source do we talk about most online? To find out,  Digimind Social, the new social listening tool that blends data from both social platforms and Google search behavior, examined the volume of discussion online around old (@Nytimes, @WSJ, @Usatoday) and new media (@Buzzfeed, @Mashable, @HuffPost) sources.

The result : While our love for social platforms may be strong, we still rely heavily on media stalwarts, and the numbers back this up. The New York Times is mentioned three times more often than both BuzzFeed and Mashable across online media.

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Looks like some “old dogs” have indeed learned some “new tricks,” and are doing quite well at it, thank you.

Posted by Rick Clancy | 3:50 pm on October 8, 2013.

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