Halloween Search Activity Offers Hints of the Season to Come


ADOTAS — With Halloween just around the corner, now’s the time for marketers to get their campaigns ready for the holiday season. So what do today’s ghosts in the machine portend about the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come?

In a recent blog post, Hillary Read, director of marketing at digital and search marketing agency 3Q Digital, analyzed a few indicators from Google Trends and the Keyword Planner based on searches around Halloween and came up with the following hints for the coming winter holidays:

  • Discretionary budget? Who cares? In the last 10 years, the highest-volume month for the query “Halloween costumes” was October 2008 – the month of the biggest stock market crash in decades.
  • Geotargeters, take heed. The top five countries most likely to search for “Halloween costumes,” in order: the U.S., Canada, Ireland, the U.K., and Puerto Rico.
  • Demographic targeters, you too. “baby Halloween costumes” and “Halloween costumes for women” have the exact same monthly search volume (27,100), according to Google’s Keyword Planner.
  • Running Facebook ads? Target dog lovers. “Halloween costumes for dogs” has 4,400 monthly searches, according to Google’s Keyword Planner; “Halloween costumes for men” has 3,600.



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