GLO Gaming and Bing Challenge Users to Earn Virtual Rewards


NEW YORK, October 24, 2013 (ADOTAS) — GLO Gaming, an industry leading native in-game advertising technology platform, and Microsoft have partnered in an effort to drive user acquisition for Bing’s consumer loyalty program, Bing Rewards.

Bing Rewards launched it in September 2010 and delivers a premium Bing experience that helps new and existing users connect with the brand while discovering and learning about all the features that can help them do the things that are most important to them. It’s also a way to reward loyal Bing users with some perks as a way of saying thanks for choosing Bing, using it consistently and being brand ambassadors.

“GLO Gaming’s Branded Challenge is a great way for us to engage today’s gamers with powerful native advertising experiences in a way that helps build our member base and exposes more users to Bing’s better results,” said Clay Warren, Senior Marketing Manager, Bing. “Gamers often seek out earned rewards over cash for in game purchases. GlO Gaming’s platform is a natural fit for us in creating a truly native experience.”

GLO Gaming’s Branded Challenge is a customized opt-in unit that increases the interaction and engagement between users and brands on iOS, Android, and social platforms. The Bing  Rewards custom campaign  awards users with in-game currency when they subscribe to Bing Rewards via Facebook Connect or with their Microsoft ID. Once a user signs up they earn credits for offers, including setting their homepage to Bing, learning feature tips and tricks and searching the web. Credits can then be used to redeem rewards including popular gift cards, Xbox LIVE subscriptions, Windows games and app purchases, Hulu Plus, Redbox movie rentals, as well as donations to charities.

“Bing has quickly recognized the size and value of the gaming audience and we’re thrilled to be part of its innovative media strategy,” said Lindsey Port (pictured), CEO, GLO Gaming. “We’ve seen great results to date, driving volume at an efficient rate as well as superior conversion rates.”

GLO Gaming’s proprietary technology is fully integrated with Facebook and mobile applications and connects more than 200 Million social gamers with more than a third of today’s Fortune 100 advertisers. GLO Gaming achieves organic CTRs of more than 18 percent —180 times— the average CTR of display ads, which is 0.1%. (Source:DoubleClick) and its benchmark for social sharing is seven times the industry standard.

Adds Clay Warren, “GLO Gaming has already been a high performance partner for several other Bing advertising objectives and we’re looking forward to enjoying the same success with the Bing Rewards program.”

About GLO Gaming

GLO Gaming delivers native display and video advertising at scale across social and mobile applications through its industry leading adverting technology platform. GLO Gaming’s flagship product, Branded Challenge™ is a turnkey, gamified solution that enables brand marketers to create custom advertising experiences that drive brand interaction when users are most receptive to messaging. Bridging the gap between consumers and marketers, Branded Challenge provides truly native user experiences while enhancing gameplay and creating brand affinity for the advertiser. GLO Gaming’s proprietary technology is integrated with hundreds of Facebook and mobile applications and utilized by more than 30 percent of today’s Fortune 100 advertisers.  Independently funded, GLO Gaming was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in New York’s Financial District with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. For more information please visit

About Bing

Bing is the search engine from Microsoft. It was introduced in 2009 with a mission to empower people with knowledge — to answer any question and provide useful tools to help you best accomplish your goals, from the everyday to the extraordinary. Bing continues on that mission today by moving beyond the search box to power experiences across a range of devices and services from Microsoft and third parties.


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