Everyplay GameAds Launches: Early Adopter Mobile Game Publisher Earns $1 Million in Record 45 Days


SAN FRANCISCO,  October 3, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Applifier Ltd. today announced the general availability of Everyplay GameAds offering the in-game video advertising network to all mobile game developers looking for industry leading CPMs and fill rate. With individual earnings exceeding $1 million in 45 days for one key mobile game publisher during the beta phase, Everyplay GameAds has rapidly grown to be one of the largest video ad networks for mobile games thanks to outperforming other in-game ad units.

Mobile video advertising is a growing sector, but proper user targeting is essential – and missing from many market competitors. Mobile game publishers seek new players with high lifetime value potential. GameAds fulfills this need as the video ads are exclusively shown within mobile games as either opt-in (watch a video get a virtual item) or as interstitial video ads. The video ads are displayed only to highly engaged mobile gamers and further targeted using Applifier’s proprietary algorithms built while operating Facebook’s largest cross-promotion network reaching over 250 million monthly actives. The result is that GameAds are more relevant to players, achieve higher response rates and outperform competing ad providers.

“We focus solely on promoting mobile games within other games, so we see higher CPIs and fill rates than, for example, ad networks focusing on brand campaigns do,” said Jussi Laakkonen (pictured), founder & CEO of Applifier. “Throughout the beta, Everyplay GameAds outperformed other ad providers and we saw games with multimillion daily active users switch to use us. We’re now opening GameAds to the thousands of game developers needing better results from in-game ads.”

During the beta, Everyplay GameAds has grown rapidly, helping leading mobile game companies acquire new players with high quality game trailers through the in-game video ad network. Popular games like RuzzleHill Climb Racing4 Pics 1 Word and Song Pop currently generate additional revenue with GameAds, maximizing the value of players without increasing player churn.

“For Ruzzle, GameAds’ eCPM outperformed every other ad network in the United States with a great fill rate. We are extremely impressed by the performance and the service from the team,” said Daniel Hasselberg, CEO of Mag Interactive.

“The eCPM and fill rate with GameAds absolutely blew us away. It’s the highest monetizing in-game ad network that we’ve ever worked with in English-speaking countries,” said Sebastian Schmitt, CEO of Lotum GmbH, makers of 4 Pics 1 Word and True or False.

Everyplay GameAds is an in-game video advertising network available to all game developers within Applifier’s suite of products that also includes Everyplay Replay Sharing, which enables players to record and share their mobile game video replays. To learn more and get started, visit https://developers.everyplay.com.

About Applifier
Applifier enables game developers to more effectively acquire and monetize audience through a comprehensive suite of tools, including Everyplay Replay Sharing and GameAds. In 2011, Applifier became the largest cross-promotion network of independent social application developers on Facebook, reaching over 150 million monthly active users. In 2012, Applifier launched the Everyplay® beta for mobile game replay sharing, and in 2013 launched GameAds video advertising network to acquire high quality users and increase monetization for mobile games. Applifier is backed by Lifeline Ventures, MHS Capital, PROfounders Capital, Tekes, Webb Investment Network and angel investors, and has offices in Helsinki, Finland and in San Francisco. For more information, please visit http://www.applifier.com.


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