DG Peer39 Launches Fraud Prevention Attribute to Help Advertisers Identify, Avoid Bot Traffic in RTB Environments


NEW YORK, October 22, 2013 (ADOTAS) – DG® (NASDAQ: DGIT), the world’s leading multi-screen advertising company, today announced the launch of fraud prevention within the DG Peer39 data solution, allowing ad buyers to detect and avoid bot traffic within auction environments. With the new capability, advertisers will be protected from spending on non-human traffic, a problem that costs the online ad industry an estimated $400 million annually.

The new fraud protection attribute is available across the 60 billion bid requests that Peer39 analyzes on a daily basis, giving advertisers scale across the entire publisher ecosystem. Peer39 sorts out non-human traffic – impressions generated by so-called “bots” – and prevents advertisers from placing a bid on that inventory.

“Everyone recognizes that fraud is an issue within real-time bidding environments, and we wanted to do our part to keep advertisers safe from the persistent problem,” said Alex White (pictured), GM of data and trading, DG Peer39. “By eliminating bot traffic from the impressions that are bid on, advertisers should see improved performance and greater efficiency across the board.”

Peer39 Fraud Prevention is available at no additional cost to customers already using Peer39’s Brand Safety and Custom Brand Safety data solutions, which are available through most major ad buying platforms. All MediaMind customers can utilize Peer39 as part of the MediaMind verification suite, which includes other safety attributes, such as mature, profanity and hate speech.

“Fraud prevention is a key tool in any marketer’s arsenal, and we’ve made it a point to make our marketing operating system compatible with all of the best-in-class tools available,” said Greg Williams, co-founder, MediaMath and SVP, OPEN Partnerships for MediaMath. “MediaMath prides itself on a strong fraud prevention system, which gets even stronger with the advent and availability of tools from trusted partners like Peer39.”

About DG

DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) is the leading global multiscreen advertising management and distribution platform, fueling campaign management across TV, online, mobile and beyond. Through a combination of technology and services, DG empowers brands and advertisers to work faster, smarter and more competitively. Boasting the world’s largest hybrid satellite and Internet network for broadcast video delivery, DG’s unparalleled campaign management encompasses multiscreen ad delivery, cross-channel research and analytics, and unified asset management. The DG product portfolio consists of two overarching product lines for online and video campaign management: MediaMind and VideoFusion.

With New York as a center of operations, DG is a global company that connects over 14,000 advertisers and 7,400 agencies worldwide with their targeted audiences through an expansive network of over 50,000 media destinations across TV broadcast and digital advertising in 78 countries, managing approximately ten percent of the world’s media assets.  For more information, visit http://www.dgit.com.


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