Corporate Visions To Announce New ‘Messaging Manager’ App for Content Marketers


INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev., October 8, 2013 (ADOTAS) –– Corporate Visions, Inc., the leading sales and marketing messaging company, today announced that it has developed a new Messaging Manager™ application to help content marketers build more customer-centric, sales-ready messaging. The simple and easy-to-use application provides a structured approach based on Corporate Visions’ proven messaging model, which includes the popular Power Positioning® methodology and Conversation Roadmap™ process.

“Over the last 10 years, we’ve conducted more than 2,000 messaging development engagements using this model. Based on this success, many of the companies we work with have been asking to adopt our process internally so they can turn it into a corporate discipline – not just a consulting engagement,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “In response, we’ve created a messaging training and certification course that, along with a new Web application, gives content marketers the skills and tools to be self-sufficient.”

Companies want a structured approach to the typically unstructured process of creating content to support more consultative, solutions-oriented sales methodologies. The Corporate Visions positioning and messaging approach is designed specifically to align the stories companies create with the skills on which companies are training their salespeople. The result is higher adoption and use of the messaging, as well as greater consistency and quality of selling conversations deeper into the sales cycle.

Companies embracing this Corporate Visions messaging model experience a blended learning approach to making sure the process is learned and applied. This includes e-learning videos, instructor-led training, and a new Web application for reinforcing and applying these techniques on all product launches and strategic initiatives.

The new Web-based Messaging Manager application helps marketing content creators facilitate input from cross-functional subject matter experts in a purposeful, customer needs-centric manner. It also helps organize the input and story structure to ensure the right sales-ready messaging pieces are captured and created. From the application, users can then build, update, manage and circulate the messaging deliverable, called a Conversation Roadmap. This completed document serves as the definitive “story master” for reference and use by all the various communicators who need it to support website, social media, campaign, collateral, trade show and sales presentation content.

For more information about how companies can be trained and certified to develop and deliver more sales-ready messaging using the Messaging Manager application, watch this software demo and view this video presentation.

About Corporate Visions, Inc.

Corporate Visions, Inc. helps global business-to-business companies create more sales opportunities, win more deals and increase sales profitability by improving the conversations salespeople have with customers. Companies engage Corporate Visions in three key areas:

  • Developing differentiated messages that concentrate on customer needs.
  • Deploying tools that support critical steps in the buying cycle.
  • Delivering sales skills training that enables salespeople to create and capture more value.

Corporate Visions helps clients such as ADP, Motorola, Philips and SAP align marketing and sales with a repeatable approach for creating and delivering winning customer conversations. For more information about Corporate Visions visit or call 775-831-1322 or 800-360-SELL.


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