Bizo Extends Marketing Automation with Online Display & Social Ads


SAN FRANCISCO, October 24, 2013 – Bizo, the global leader in business audience marketing, today announced general availability of Bizo for Marketing Automation, a solution that allows marketers to seamlessly integrate online display and social media advertising into their marketing automation efforts for the first time. Eloqua users can now reach and nurture prospects far beyond their inbox with display and social ads that are synchronized with marketing campaigns, as well as nurture prospects who have not yet provided an email address. Beta customers report that Bizo for Marketing Automation is increasing conversions and revenue.

B2B marketers invest in a mix of marketing programs such as search, email and social media to drive website traffic and then generate leads. However, according to SiriusDecisions, on average, less than five percent of these “anonymous prospects” submit their email address (SiriusDecisions Benchmark 2013). Furthermore, according to Eloqua, more than 80 percent of those who do submit their email address, do not go on to open their email (Eloqua Benchmark 2012).

Enabled by the Eloqua AdFocus App, Bizo for Marketing Automation works in conjunction with the Eloqua platform to let marketers reach known and anonymous prospects in the social stream or wherever they travel online based on their movements on a company’s website and through existing multi-channel nurture campaign flows. Joint Bizo and Eloqua customers can now:

  • Create segments of anonymous prospects based on the website pages they’re viewing, and keep the right message in front of them via targeted online display and social media ads.
  • Engage known prospects beyond the inbox by synchronizing display and social media ads with the email nurture programs set-up in Eloqua.
  • Manage these new display nurture programs seamlessly from within Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas.

“There is a massive opportunity for marketers to unlock the potential value of their investments,” said Russell Glass (pictured), CEO of Bizo. “With Bizo for Marketing Automation, marketers can create an ‘always on’ nurturing strategy by leveraging a broad spectrum of programs – from email to online display and social advertising – to reach prospective buyers throughout the buying process.”

Brands participating in the Bizo for Marketing Automation beta program that took place over the last few months cited the following specific results from the integration of Bizo display advertising with Eloqua marketing automation:

  • More than 400 new leads resulting from anonymous prospect targeting
  • 64 percent increase in additional conversions from known contacts
  • Projected revenue increase of more than 46 percent from key target audiences
  • 233 percent return on investment

“Like many B2B marketers, we have a significant number of unknown website visitors who leave the site without providing their contact information, representing an untapped source of revenue potential,” said Arpine Babloyan, senior manager, Online Demand Generation and Lead Management at Avid. “With the display and social ad targeting capabilities available through Bizo for Marketing Automation, we can now bring these people back to our site, drive them to an engaging offer, and turn them into known prospects.”

“Being a modern marketer comes down to a better understanding of individual buyers and getting them the right message at the right time, regardless of where they are online,” said John Stetic, vice president of Products at Oracle Eloqua. “The integration of Eloqua AdFocus with Bizo’s solution does exactly that by combining display and social advertising with timely multi-channel nurturing, expanding the ROI of marketing automation and reinforcing the benefits of having a truly open platform with an extensive partner ecosystem.”

About Bizo

Bizo is how B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online.  Fueled by Bizo’s audience of more than 120 million professionals around the world, including more than 85% of the U.S. business population, the Bizo Marketing Platform can precisely target business people by specific business demographic criteria. Bizo’s customers use the platform’s data management and targeting capabilities to reach audiences anywhere they travel online and engage those that come to their websites, landing pages, and social channels.  Bizo has earned the confidence of more than 750 SMB marketers and large global brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use Bizo to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnels.



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