Anametrix Unveils Real-Time, Multichannel Analytics for Media & Publishing


NEW YORK, October 15, 2013 (ADOTAS) — Today at The Pivot Conference, Anametrix, the first cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform, introduced Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media. Optimized for multi-platform media and publishing companies, Anametrix offers news and entertainment media real-time decision-support by connecting web, social and media-specific reference sources, including Nielsen and comScore, for automated reporting, drill-down segmentation and predictive analytics. Armed with actionable insights, media companies can increase audience size, improve loyalty and drive advertising revenue, as well as optimize paywalls or subscription thresholds.

“News and entertainment media companies require sub-second, real-time performance analytics, and that is why so many have become Anametrix clients,” said Pelin Thorogood (pictured), CEO of Anametrix. “To accommodate this growing sector need, we created an industry-specific, decision-support solution – Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media. These out-of-the-box tools and capabilities illuminate how traditional media interacts with social media, video, digital properties and other channels, which helps media organizations respond quickly to optimize content and ad monetization.”

Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media delivers real-time, decision-support capabilities to help:

  • Increase content consumption: Content editors can adjust content organization and presentation at the speed of their consumers, providing more compelling, longer lasting and more frequent engagements.
  • Increase digital ad revenues: Analysts can collect detailed audience-segmentation information, leading to improved ad rates with publishers.
  • Optimize paywall thresholds: Research teams can leverage deep analytics, including statistical modeling, to improve premium content revenues while minimizing losses in ad revenues.
  • Increase broadcast and video viewership: Analysts and content editors can combine online, social and ratings data to detect patterns and optimize the use of digital channels to promote programs for both traditional TV and streaming content.
  • Price ads accurately: Ad departments can more accurately calculate total audience reach across all channels – such as combining Nielsen GRPs (gross rating points) with streaming online views of the same content – to create fair and accurate pricing.
  • Automate reporting: Analysts can spend more time generating insights instead of manually collecting data to create reports that are often too old to act upon.

Anametrix is the only marketing analytics platform to combine real-time performance feedback with multichannel predictive modeling for comprehensive insights and powerful decision support. By collecting, analyzing and making sense out of data from virtually any source, Anametrix enables publishers and media companies to act on multichannel data to drive revenue and profitability. Anametrix allows marketers to perform diagnostic analysis, drill-down segmentation and predictive modeling.

Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media is available now. Users can access their Anametrix data in real time through the web UI, patent-pending Microsoft Excel add-in, or any iOS, Android or BlackBerry mobile device. There is no software to install or manage.

Watch the Anametrix PivotCon “Studio Session” on Media and Entertainment: Learning from social conversation for “always-on” engagement” at 2:35 p.m. Eastern time on Oct. 15 on-site or via live stream. Pivot Conference attendees can visit the Anametrix table at StartUp Alley for live demos and to discover how the Anametrix marketing analytics platform increases return on marketing investment (ROMI).

“Anametrix has given us a flexible, multichannel analytics solution, providing powerful decision support on how our editorial and advertising is performing from moment to moment,” said Joseph Gordon, U-T San Diego. “Using Anametrix data, our editors and staff have increased page views by nearly 25 percent and audience size by 12 percent year over year, despite introduction of a paywall. We’re also more accurately stocking ad units by popularity, which drives our ad revenues. Additionally, live-stream data from Anametrix helps us increase our effective television ratings by up to 30 percent, which has a direct influence on our broadcast revenue.”


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