Adquant Announces Rollout of Mobile Engagement Ads, Mobile Ads with Video, and CPA Bidding for Mobile Ads


TEL AVIV,  October 25, 2013 – Adquant, a Facebook-qualified Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD),  is announcing the full roll-out of mobile advertising upgrades. Recently, Facebook announced several new updates to their mobile advertising offering which included a new feature for mobile app ads, support for video creatives and cost-per-action (CPA) bidding. The rapid implementation of these new features gives Adquant’s clients an impressive mobile advertising toolset to drive app installs and maintain engagement with their existing customer base.

Facebook now has over 800 million active mobile users making it one of the largest platforms for mobile advertisers. The new Facebook mobile advertising features will enable mobile advertisers to more effectively reach new customers while connecting with existing ones.

“We originally built Adquant to serve our internal needs as a game and mobile advertising agency.  We know how important these improvements are to our customers, which is why we worked around the clock to support them as quickly as possible,” said Joe McCormack (pictured), CEO of Adquant.

As an Adquant client that utilizes Facebook for advertising, Adir Ron, Head of Marketing at Win Social Games, said, “Facebook is, without a doubt, the best channel for mobile performance. They are working closely with mobile advertisers to deliver exactly what the market is asking for. Adquant’s rapid release of these features shows their knowledge and understanding of the market and proves once again that they are a great partner to work with.”

Mobile app ads for engagement and conversion offer app and game advertisers the ability to deep link from their ads directly to their apps that have been installed by users. Video creatives for mobile ads allow advertisers to show off their apps in an engaging format found no other place in the mobile advertising arena. CPA bidding greatly reduces the risk associated with user acquisition campaigns as now app and game publishers can pay per install or action based on their specific goals.

Adquant has accumulated an impressive record with Facebook and mobile advertising. The platform drives 15 billion monthly ad views on Facebook and has more than 50 apps that have one million-plus users each.

About Adquant

Adquant is a social advertising software company focused on delivering the best-of-breed social advertising platform. Developed as the internal Facebook platform for the Adotomi agency in 2009 and opened to direct customers in 2012, the Adquant technology has been market proven by the most demanding Facebook advertisers. Adquant is a next generation platform that is built on Holistic Optimization, empowering advertisers to apply sophisticated algorithms for the optimization of all parts of their advertising programs.  For more information, visit

Adquant is deployed by leading advertisers globally with active campaigns running in over 100 countries. The platform drives 15 billion monthly ad views on Facebook and has more than 50 apps that have one million-plus users each.

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