8 Scary Signs Your Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Ready for the Holidays


ADOTAS – It seems the Halloween candy is barely on the shelf before we have to gear up for the holiday shopping season. In fact, 49 percent of marketers plan to launch their Christmas campaigns before Halloween, according to recent findings from Experian Marketing Services. Scary, right?

If you still haven’t finalized your holiday marketing strategy, you wouldn’t be the only marketer in that situation. In the spirit of Halloween as the gateway to the holidays, here are eight scary signs that your marketing campaigns aren’t ready for the upcoming season along with what you can do to fix that.

Scary Sign #1: You don’t know what your marketing colleagues are doing.

The Magic Spell: Pull your colleagues together to create a cross-functional team to coordinate holiday campaigns so you’re not haunting customers by over saturating them with your messages.

Scary Sign #2: You don’t know which customer segments are going to drive the majority of your holiday revenue.

The Magic Spell: Focus on better understanding the customer journey so you can determine where your efforts are redundant and where they’re complementary. This enables you to more easily identify the optimal time and most effective marketing channel to use when reaching out to consumers.

Scary Sign #3: CTR is your only insight into ad performance.

The Magic Spell: Use engaging ads to extend the shopping experience, influence conversions, prove that a customer actually saw an ad and responded to it, and more accurately measure campaign performance.

Scary Sign #4: Your mobile ideas are still only on paper.

The Magic Spell: Knowing customers will spend nearly $39B this year shopping on their mobile devices, rigorously test your mobile campaigns now so you have time to address any potential issues before the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

Scary Sign #5: You haven’t figured out a way to engage offline shoppers online.

The Magic Spell: Apply CRM analytics so you can pick up the customer conversation where you last left off and more easily attribute results based on consumer action.

Scary Sign #6: You have various marketing platforms, metrics and ways of measuring performance but none of them work together.

The Magic Spell: Bring your cross-functional team together to establish specific goals and measurement methods before you launch your holiday campaigns. You may also want to consider looking into attribution tools that create more transparency throughout all of your channels.

Scary Sign #7: Your retargeting and social media teams haven’t met.

The Magic Spell: Tap into each other’s strengths to create complementary campaigns that support your brand as well as your direct response and social efforts.

Scary Sign #8: You’re not sure how to prospect for new customers when they’re looking to buy products in your category.

The Magic Spell: Boost awareness and conversions through search marketing campaigns that allow you to reach consumers when they’re ready to buy. Remember, holiday shoppers are more open to new brands and are likely buying for someone else so getting on the radar is increasingly more important during that time of the year.

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Before you dig into that big plastic pumpkin for another piece of candy, consider these tips as marketing food for thought and remember it’s still not too late to have a killer holiday season.


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