Reaction To Apple’s IOS 7 Street Date Announcement


ADOTAS — Today, Apple announced a Sept. 18 street date for iOS 7, the radically redesigned operating system for the iPhone and iPad. Here’s how some industry leaders are responding to that news.

“App marketers get ready! New iPhones and iOS updates historically lead to short-term surges in downloads as enthusiastic users load up their new devices. The upcoming releases continue that trend. The two devices being launched today provide marketers with new opportunities to target two distinct types of users with new creative and tactics: the more value-conscious (iPhone 5C) and high-end buyers (iPhone 5S). In addition, the changes to iOS 7 offer some intriguing new possibilities for app marketers: in time, iTunes Radio will present a whole new advertising channel and Popular Near Me could provide high value users to apps with a local profile.” – Craig Palli, chief strategy officer, Fiksu.

“The updates Apple has made in the iOS 7 version of Passbook will greatly impact consumers,” said John Haro, chief technology officer, Vibes. “One of these is that the Passbook application now includes a QR code scanner which is significant because it offers a new and seamless way for consumers to take advantage of Passbook directly from print advertising. It also marks the first time Apple has built QR code technology directly into its operating system. The other is the new technology around iBeacons, which has the potential to revolutionize location awareness at the micro-level. With iOS7, Passbook adds iBeacon support to the way it handles location awareness and this opens up some interesting opportunities for consumers and marketers. According to recent data, consumers have made it clear that the future of mobile wallets does not lie in the payments, but rather in the non-payment aspects of your wallet. They want a mobile wallet that eliminates the need for paper items such as coupons and loyalty cards and that expedites the check-out process at their favorite retailers.” – John Haro, chief technology officer, Vibes.

“When you use an iOS 7 device, as the developer community has been doing since WWDC, you start to get a feel for the importance of an engaging app experience. The new visual design is striking, but the user experience is wholly new. The act of touching the screen is more directly tied to your visual context than ever before – pans, zooms, transparency and fast screen-capture create a level of connectedness that was absent before. To get the most out of this new visual context, apps would do well to keep their state, visuals and content up to date based on users’ interests. Key to that is messaging to your user at just the right time, as well as triggering action around just the right content.”– Sasha Mace, Director of Product Strategy at Urban Airship (via the company’s blog).

“Apple’s iPhone 5c removes the marketing ‘cheat’ for reaching the high-end of the market, making audience targeting more challenging than ever. This is both good news and bad news; the Android advantage has always been the ability to segment the market more finely due to the larger variety of demographically targeted devices. Now Apple is on a similar playing field. The ability to segment the iOS market to reach a broader demographic makes for healthy competition and growth in the mobile space. However, anyone not incorporating sophisticated device detection technology into their digital marketing toolkit is going to fall behind. Another new feature of note is the peer-to-peer data capabilities in iOS7. This will ultimately change the in-store experience forever. An elegant and fairly ubiquitous marketing channel will now exist in-store and will turn the tide on the advantage that online stores are accumulating over bricks and mortar. This will dramatically change digital media planning, blurring the lines with out-of-home marketing.” – Brennan Hayden, VP of Mobile, [x+1].

“iOS 7 offers an array of amazing features for retail mobile marketers and product managers, resulting in a massive improvement to user experience for consumers. From the increased location awareness capabilities from iBeacons, to viral sharing opportunities inherent in Apps Near Me, iOS 7 provides the much needed link between mobile and brick-and-mortar experiences. One that physical retailers have desperately needed.” – Ash Kumar, CEO & Founder,TapSense.


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