EXCLUSIVE: Viamedia To Launch Programmatic TV Ad Exchange At Advertising Week


ADOTAS — The ad industry is all about automation these days, so why should the planning and buying of television commercials be exempt?

In an exclusive pre-Advertising Week discussion with Adotas, Viamedia CEO Jeff Carter (pictured) revealed his plans to announce a new company called placemedia next week that aims to solve the problem of audience fragmentation on linear television – a bold claim, but one that the industry desperately needs.

“Placemedia converts unsold and undersold inventory from over 50 million households (cable networks, cable providers, satellite companies) into an advertising network,” said Derek Mattson, president of placemedia. “Our system programmatically plans and buys the most efficient TV schedules using set-top box data overlaid with consumer purchasing data from leading providers research providers like Experian and Axciom.”

Advertisers can plan and place an ad buy through the company’s self-serve system or work with one of their sales agents, giving them the scale of TV with the precision and accuracy they’ve come to expect online.

The net result is that advertisers can reach a targeted audience across broadcast, cable, satellite and networks with ads purchased on a CPM basis.

Viamedia already has agreements in place for distribution in 50 million homes, and placemedia is already working with cable and satellite companies, multi-system operators, broadcasters and networks.  The company has built an open platform that can integrate with virtually any potential distribution partner and is actively seeking additional distribution outlets.

“Placemedia is an online television advertising exchange that combines various sources of audience measurement, audience validation, technology and television inventory from a variety of providers,” said Carter. “We make that inventory available at one location, through one source, for national advertiser ad campaigns. We use a combination of technologies that are proprietary to identify available inventory, identify audience, and programmatically deliver ads utilizing a CPM currency.”

Viamedia is known throughout the industry as one of the largest independent full-service television rep firms in the U.S. with its core business focused on DMA-based advertising offerings to local, regional and national spot advertisers utilizing over 130 ad supported cable networks, as well as SEM, SEO, portal advertising and pre-roll video ads on the Internet. It presently operates in over 50 US markets.

During Advertising Week, placemedia is also set to release the findings from its recent study that examines whether television video advertising is more effective than online video ads. According survey findings that polled 264 ad executives, 89% said that television video impressions were more important than online video impressions. A similar overwhelming majority of 88% said there are greater benefits  in television advertising such as:

  • Better delivery of a message that relates to their viewers’ interests (57%).
  • More effective use of advertising resources (42%).
  • Better use of advertising dollars (42%).
  • Increased return on investment (38%).
  • Less tune-out from consumers (29%).
  • Better delivery of desired goods directly to the consumer (27%).
  • More efficient campaign development (21%).

As the platform evolves, Viamedia anticipates the inclusion of additional television inventory from IPTV and OTT, and ultimately video inventory across all platforms. Placemedia will offer new technology that will change online and cable advertising – especially catering to the needs of SMBs.

“Right now it is very difficult for small- and medium-sized business to purchase national advertising that is targeted specifically to their audience,” said Mattson. “Our self-serve tool provides the SMB market with a simple, easy-to-use single source platform to plan, place and buy national television ads.”

Asked about the future of advertising, Mattson responded, “We think the future of advertising is targeting, effective reach and optimization.  Our solution matches these proven benefits of online with the broad brand-building power of television.”


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