White Paper: Data Co-op Participants Identify More New Customers, Run More Efficient Ad Campaigns


NEW YORK, June 13, 2013 (ADOTAS) — Adroit Digital, operator of the leading online advertising data cooperative, today announced the release of “Power in the Collective,” a guide to help brands leverage an online data co-op to fuel their marketing efforts. Among the findings: Advertisers that participate in a co-op are often able to drive online conversions at 1/100th of the cost borne by those that do not share their data.

Co-op contributors can also prospect three times as many in-market consumers as non-contributors, and can bid 30 percent higher on media vs. a media-based prospecting solution.

“Co-ops are an extremely effective way for advertisers to leverage collective audience insights gathered across several sites,” said Scott German, GM of Adroit Digital. “As advertisers become more reliant on data, they’ll find that using exclusive, fresh, and free data eliminates wasted spending and helps them reach the most qualified audience.”

“Power in the Collective” outlines the ways an online co-op sources consumer browsing and purchase data from hundreds of sites, producing targetable audience models far more detailed than a marketer would be able to produce on its own. Using this technology, advertisers can identify consumers who exhibit behaviors similar to a brand’s existing customers; co-ops enable advertisers to target outside their customer base and attract new shoppers.

To download the white paper, visit http://marketing.adroitdigital.com/cooperativewp-release

About Adroit Digital

Adroit Digital helps online advertisers and their agencies simplify the process of digital marketing to drive performance across channels through a combination of advanced audience technology and knowledgeable industry experts. The company’s private advertiser data cooperative allows advertisers to share their first-party audience data and build detailed in-market consumer populations for prospecting new customers. With over 300 million unique cookies aggregated every month, Adroit Digital clients have access to fresh, free and exclusive data. Powered by the market’s leading marketing operating system -MediaMath’s TerminalOne – Adroit Digital provides the technology, as well as a team of advertising experts who empower clients to leverage anonymous consumer data for all it is worth. For more information, visit www.adroitdigital.com.


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