VIDEO: Tired of Burning Your Popcorn? There’s An App For That

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Jun 3, 2013 
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ADOTAS – Pop Secret and Deutsch LA have teamed up to create an app called Perfect Pop, which helps consumers pop the perfect bag of microwave popcorn without burning it.

Perfect Pop is available for free download to any iPhone devices on Apple’s App Store or at In the short time it’s been up on iTunes, it’s already moved up to one of the top 10 food apps and had 80,000 downloads, despite not having been publicly launched.

This may sound like a silly idea, but burnt popcorn is the number one consumer complaint faced by the microwave popcorn category. We’ve found that every week, more than 400 people tweet messages about burning their popcorn. There was enough of them, in fact, that we put them into an autotuned tweet video to explain Perfect Pop.

Perfect Pop can help solve this problem. It’s the only iPhone app that listens to popcorn in the microwave to notify consumers to stop the microwave to help avoid the risk of burning the popcorn.

Once a consumer turns the Perfect Pop app on and places it near the microwave, an animated kernel listens to the pops, letting the user know the moment when the popcorn is to be ready—instead of relying on microwave button presets. Engineers developed Perfect Pop by analyzing the sounds of popping corn in dozens of microwave models, and by extensive testing with more than 500 bags of popcorn. (Our offices smelled like burnt popcorn for days.) Perfect Pop has been designed for use specifically with Pop Secret popcorn — each brand of popcorn has their own “popping acoustics.”

Perfect Pop was created by Deutsch LA as part of, an initiative designed to connect popcorn fans to movies in their homes through digital apps and other projects. As movies increasingly move to digital viewing, our goal is to make Pop Secret relevant to digitally savvy home movie watchers. Some of our previous kernels include Find Your Critic with, Pop Over to help organize movie nights and Pop Search to locate movies on the web.

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there is already another app which does the same thing for android it is called “popcorn ready” and can be found in the google play store for free

Posted by mg | 6:56 am on June 6, 2013.

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