Mediasmith Taps Medialets As Official 3rd-Party Server for Mobile/Tablet Advertising


NEW YORK, June 18, 2013 (ADOTAS) – Medialets, the essential platform for mobile and tablet advertising, announced today that Mediasmith, one of the largest independent digital media agencies in the US, has selected the platform as its third-party ad server for mobile. The partnership provides Mediasmith with comprehensive technology and services to support the execution, delivery and measurement of smartphone and tablet campaigns.

“Medialets is breaking new ground in advertising, effectively approaching mobile as the unique environment that it is and solving for challenges that desktop platforms have yet to fully address,” said David L. Smith, the CEO and Founder of Mediasmith. “With Medialets as our third-party ad server for mobile, we are better positioned to deliver and measure meaningful smartphone and tablet brand experiences for our customers and their audiences.”

While mobile advertising shares much in common with desktop advertising, the differences present significant challenges for agencies and marketers, particularly in the area of measurement.  For example, mobile’s lack of support for cookies, the small piece of code that is stored on a computer to identify unique users, undermines digital’s best practices for impression counting. Likewise, the lack standards in mobile means that a single campaign’s data can leverage different methodologies, making it impossible to effectively gauge success. Medialets’ third-party ad serving platform is built expressly to address these mobile challenges.

“As the demand for mobile and tablet advertising continues to grow, agencies are seeking out solutions to bring greater operational efficiency to this new channel,” stated Eric Litman (pictured), the CEO and founder of Medialets. “Mediasmith recognizes that mobile is best served by technology and services that are designed to address its distinct characteristics. We’re thrilled to provide the platform that better arms Mediasmith to grow their mobile business.”

In operation since 2008, the company is headquartered in NYC with offices in London, Chicago and Los Angeles.

About Medialets

Medialets is the essential platform for mobile and tablet advertising. The company offers third-party ad serving and rich media, enabling brands and agencies to more effectively create, deliver and measure mobile and tablet campaigns. Medialets’ technology, which is built expressly for mobile, is supported by comprehensive services and a seamless workflow that transforms complex mobile ad executions into measurable and meaningful results. Every major agency holding group and the world’s biggest publishers, including BBC, BSkyB, CNN, ESPN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Weather Channel and Yahoo!, have used Medialets to power their mobile and tablet campaigns. In operation since 2008, the company is based in New York City with offices in London, Chicago and Los Angeles. To learn more, visit

About Mediasmith

Mediasmith is an independent, award-winning, digitally focused media agency with expertise in media strategy, planning, execution, metrics and technology. Mediasmith services clients directly or in partnership with creative agencies to architect campaigns integrating traditional advertising, digital media, search, emerging platforms, social media and mobile. Founded in 1989 by David L. Smith and Karen T. McFee, the agency has received multiple awards for pioneering digital media campaigns and is known for working with major industry associations to set standards and best practices.  For more information, visit



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