iOS 7 Reveal Draws Strong Social Buzz


ADOTAS — Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system has generated more than 172,000 online conversations worldwide, according to global social media monitoring provider Synthesio.

Statistics from Synthesio reveal that positive comments dwarf negative comments two-to-one, with less than 10% of all comments registering as negative.

Facebook and Twitter are currently awash with comments surrounding the unveiling of Apple’s new iOS 7. Words most closely associated with the release include, “amazing”, “love” and “beautiful”, according to Synthesio. However a minority of comments have been of the opposite opinion, labelling Apple’s latest offering as “ugly” and “cheap”.

Synthesio’s analysis of conversations taking place on Twitter, social media platforms, blogs, forums and the comment section of online publications around the world reveals that the majority of praise is coming from Europe, where over a fifth of all conversations relating to the unveiling took place.

“Apple launches always produce a huge amount of buzz,” said Catriona Oldershaw (pictured), MD for Synthesio UK. “Following a recent profit slide, many were waiting with baited breath to see what Apple could pull out of the bag. The comments we’re seeing represent a collective sigh of relief from the global online community, as Apple once again delivers a beautifully-designed product.”


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