Infographi​c: Impactful Content Syndication for Channel Marketers

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Jun 14, 2013 
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ADOTAS — TIE Kinetix recently developed an infographic on how marketers can easy automate and simplify branding, lead generation and social engagement throughout the channel.

The thesis behind the infographic is as follows:

  • Every vendor working with channel partners faces the same challenge: Securing the mindshare of a partner that is representing tens or even hundreds of vendors. In the end, the key is to deliver the information, content and campaigns that empower your partners to sell your solution – without requiring much of them and while maintaining control of your brand.
  • Automated content distribution can keep partner websites up to date with vendors’ latest messaging and content so that partners can stay focused on lead generation. These tools also make it possible to analyze which content delivers the most qualified leads and apply these best practices across the entire channel instantaneously.
  • Do not underestimate the power of email in the channel. With syndication, channel partners can integrate targeted lead lists, deploy a co-branded email campaign and capture new interest by driving traffic to syndicated landing pages on the partner websites. Channel partners can even send automated, co-branded email campaigns directly from the vendor.
  • It goes without saying that social media is playing an increasingly important role in the sales process. That’s why it’s critical to empower your partners to get themselves seen on Twitter. Some vendors are trying to help their partners tap into the power of this channel by using social media syndication solutions that allow their partners to automatically Tweet out a message provided by the vendors.

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Great infographic! Informative and fun.

Posted by Tom | 5:32 pm on June 14, 2013.

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